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    Episode 83 — Nick Kroll, Our Close Friend

    a little afraid to post this guys because spooy bUUUTtt
  2. tiredofnick

    Weirdo coincidink

    Anyone have an ancestry.com account? I'm an armature voice recognition expert at Harvard law and I noticed a couple similarities between verbatim Vic and earwolfman jack. I'm thinking verbatim Vic might actually be directly related to the wolfman! Scoop troop lets get on this!
  3. tiredofnick

    No good books about skiing

    Yes, I believe the James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me is great skiing film. And isn't that just the way things go?
  4. tiredofnick

    Where is the handbook?

  5. tiredofnick

    What are forum for?

    ehhh wrong blink! sean and hayes is super original and is impossible to do impression of.
  6. tiredofnick

    Engineer Cody warped my child brain

  7. tiredofnick

    CBB: Classic Switcheroo

    Come on Scott! Hollywood Handbook is the podcast for the Hollywood insider business. First he has Sean and Hayes running his commercials, and now he stealin their mojo! Classic switcheroo is right!