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  1. What is the funniest tv shows, movies, podcasts you have seen lately? I am asking for a friends. He has a problem I think. The Eric Andre Seasons were side splitting, and SNL seasons 39 to 30 are being downloaded as we speak and so I will let you know if its worth it.


    any pro tips?


    If you watch the NCAA tournament on Ballstreams.com then each game is 15 minutes without commercials and referees butt close-ups. No spoilers please.


    also ballstreams has really good live chat rooms, and you can trade recipes and dog photos with everyone. so have a ball.

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  2. Sooooooooooo, is Sean and Hayes really auditioning to be on Comedy Bang Bang? Or are they auditioning to takeover for Hot Saucerman to be the hosts of the show (ala Jimmy Fallon and the Tonights Show)? Aquiring minds want to know


    This whole podcast game is pure Nepotism. Once Scott finds a baby then he can take vacations, and if an earpiece is put in the babies ears with Scott telling it what to say and then the whole town will look to see whose talking?

  3. Stories are always welcome. I would now like to hear a short two or three paragraph story containing a fork, three fingers and a television. Also your main character's name is Cardamom.




    welcome to the TV SHOW and I am your host, the cardigan wearing mom of eveyrone's dreams Cardamom. our first guest is mr. confidence who has been successful in everything.


    cardamom - You've warmed our hearts with countless roles in every movie anyone has ever seen from "porridge wars" to the super bowl, and you've never not smiled once the whole time, and you do it all with a cocksure swagger imitated by babies when they first learn to walk. To say you are an icon for the ages would be a meager attempt at some close approximation to the love you pour out of your soul on a millisecond basis. with this much love to give and only 7 billion people to give it to, do you ever think about entertaining aliens???


    Mr Confidence - yes, my penis is like ET's finger.


    (aliens arrive and a massive finger sword fight ensues, and Rodney Dangerfield yells "We're all gonna get laid"!!!)

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  4. [American Diaper's son, clutching a football, forlornly gazes at his father in front of the computer, where he has sat unmoving for the past two weeks.]


    whoooooooooooooooooaw. american diaper is a scholar and a gentleman. we all know he is a super dad in the forums and if he is one tenth the father he is to us, then his son is truly blessed. #blessed


    I really miss hollywood handbook though, when is it coming home?


    PS: if you adopt twins then more chances to get them acting jobs because stunt doubles. Also, there is super fertility drugs which can get you a reality show.


    PPS: if anyone truly wants to get off the streets, then I found another hollywood site with some more upward mobility. http://comedywhirled.com/page/caption-whirled-03-18-2015. one person can WIN the forum.

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    This is exactly it. I tried to talk to Kendrick about it because he is a national treasure, and he got upset and also thought I was having a stroke because I winked every time I said "the constitution of the united states". Just because you're "eating dinner right now" with "friends and family" doesn't mean you can't take a couple seconds to appreciate a stranger telling you about national treasure and also revealing what the treasure is and where to find it...anyway I give the album 5 stars


    hahahahaha. 5 stars sound good, but if that was an actual gift you gave to someone, then they would not know where to put them and they would sit in their backyard and they would have to tell the story over and over which is how "Star Wars" started.

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  6. I think you're thinking of Nicholas Cage. It's not a book either, it's the Constitution of the United States


    hahaha, and its not much of a secret since they made a movie about it, but about 6.9 billion people haven't seen it and so we can talk about the movie when they are around and also most of them do not speak english. "The Kingsmen: secret service"

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  7. god is a bird? lol


    ~~~~actual podcast discussion idea zone~~~~

    the boys should do another script read, those eps have all been #1 superstar before

    ~~~~back to posting funny and weird forum things~~~~


    I could not agree more, and when Paul Scheer introduced them to music, and acting. I have never seen them dance like that before. Very "Save the Last Dance".

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  8. Dear Chandler Boonaroo Music Festival ,

    Thanks, mane.


    U seem like a statistics nerd like the rest of us so please help me settle a tiff with my aunt's new broseph style bf : should wine be measured by the glass or by bottle.


    Keep posting up, Shaq Bo.



    A great man once said, "if the bottle is half empty, then the glass is full, and wheneth thy glass is half empty, my tiny tiny adorable tea cup is then half full".


    Your post style is genius, bro.

  9. Joe McGurl - you are the Thomas Jefferson of this forum. If you decide that it's time to declare our independence from the rest of the Earwolf forums, please consider me your John Hancock, or Adams, or Ben Franklin or whoever..




    I edited this image in photobucket to make it funny, but when i paste it here, it just pastes the original so whatever. i hate photobucket


    hells yeah. we can control the republican'ts and make them do dares.

  10. 75 ep


    Loved this epi. It was like a Tony Scott picture.


    I had the repo men who were taking ownership of my neighbor's old gross Porsches lend a hand in rearranging the rock stacks in the garden maze at the house on the bluff and those roughnecks had a real laugh bout how Memento is actually dumb and is not smart.


    They said Insomnia has a dvd feature that lets you watch the film in order that the scenes were shot. We ate raw tomatillos and laughed. What is DVDs?


    Favstar moments -


    ( Would cast Fassbender as both boys)


    Clements, S say "like my skateboard"

    letting his youth permeate all aspects of the talk in how Jaskon Lee do his Mumford work. He is blonde and does a very technical skate board trick that only TRU rascals know how.


    Young complex judge ripped from the next Grisham novel that men read on Amtrak benches H Davenport guides the proceedings with a "You should stay on the theme…". He is blonde and looks off into the invisible distant.


    Shelby hits us up with a quick scoop on how quirky nerdy show runners welcome the new young lady to the staff. He played a 'tuff gong' centric teen on XFiles show about aliens everybody. Shelby seems less bout it bout it regarding the youth vote.


    deep stream, bro