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  1. Sean and Hayes are me. Or I am Sean and Hayes. Something like that. They say so at some point on an episode. It could be on the Reality SHOW show. I don't remember.


    I have said it time and time again. Your segments on the show have had some super good chemistry. If anything I think all three of you are very unique puzzle pieces that even a child could assemble. :)


    A tax for new people??? I know some people in politics would argue about that one. I am adjusting my collar and wondering about the heat in this room.

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  2. My soundcloud improv caught fire during this ep. This might have been my favourite. I made a funny Bing about Entertainment Tonight opening their show and leading with the entire Horatio clip(i am paraphrasing). I deleted it though. Its a touchy subject and hard to create a lot of perspective around all the different views that can be stirred up around a pop culture medium such as improv. I cannot say I have never got in trouble myself with a few off the wall remarks. Bing there ding that :)

  3. This is when the forum is at its best. You got JMonsterFace, CORPSEFUCKERSHITLORD, Zsinjeh, Andrw, A Bear, Joe McGurl, Anatasia Vigo, Honlands, Bertram Cooper, Andy Dick Cheney, American Diaper, Jacob C, BenGoobers, kittens, Bringthegirls, Dixon, mwn, Bozos, Spunky Foonerism, Gym Sockerman, devscoots, skizelo, Falki Fartokomous,

    GayHammer, Dhezballah, Chanson, dexdexter, and brgrho.


    I bet some of us are actually related and we don't even know it.

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  4. "...worlds colliding.." - Seinfeld movies


    I feel like we have both admired each other from afar and yet could not find the words or the moment to properly introduce each other. I am Bing, and you are the forums.


    I am a handsome man and I appreciate all comedy with a knowing glance and an up turned mouth.




    I could not agree more with Jacob C(JC)'s comments immediately preceding this one.


    The whole smoking phenomenon has been talked about every year for the last 50 years. This podcast is the latest iteration, but a master debate contest nonetheless, that I would love to watch over and over until I ironically want to have a cigarette just to nurse myself back to health after the raucous consummation of the debate. smoke needs to look at itself in the mirrors, and think about how its partnershit with mirrors creates such negative connotations.

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