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    EPISODE 377 — Good Night In The Morning

    For the record, Boy Butter is an actual thing: http://boybutter.com "Boy Butter Original is an oil-based lubricant consisting of two powerful yet gentle ingredients: a coconut oil and an organic silicone blend. The ingredients are homogenized like real butter and the end result is a personal lubricant that will last as long as any synthetic or silicone lubricants yet washes off with water alone, from both skin and fabric. Boy Butter Original is long lasting, hypoallergenic and is safe on all toys, it is not latex safe so make sure to use it by yourself or with a trusted partner. Along with its incredible texture and the pleasure that it provides, the biggest selling points are that it is about 1/3 to a 1/4 the cost of silicone lubricants ounce per ounce and it is non-staining having an incredibly easy clean up with water alone."
  2. Progress Hornsby

    EPISODE 376 — Romantic Tommy D

    So looking forward to this ep! "PEACHES, PEACHES, WHATDAYA KNOW? PEACHES, PEACHES, EVERYBODY GO!" Wait, not that Peaches?
  3. Progress Hornsby

    EPISODE 373 — Vocal Fry

    I used to think Brendon Small could do no wrong, but I thought Willy Mapleton was aggravating and unfunny from the get-go--so the best part of this episode was hearing "Scott-the-host"'s annoyance with Willy gradually turn into "real Scott"'s dislike of the actual character. Loved that it was so clearly conveyed, to the point of Brendon-as-Tiny admitting "this might have been a misstep."
  4. Progress Hornsby

    EPISODE 338 — Be My Guest, Literally

    I registered just so I could give this episode a heretical grade of B-! Michael, as a fan I'm sure you read the forums, so thanks for catalyzing an all-time great episode. Whatever you did pay, I'm sure it was worth it to be rewarded with your very own PFT off-mic laughter for "I'd like to plug the general concept of litigation..." All of us are jealous.