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  1. Lot's of Dilbert talk on this episode. I wish there was an entire podcast episode of Hayes talkin' 'bout newspaper comics.
  2. https://youtu.be/Ehh8ZdIMMj4 Guy singing (to the tune of starwars) to warn pedestrians they are in the bike lane!
  3. I've had nothing but issues listening to a few episodes from various podcasts that were live from this festival. I thought maybe PocketCasts was bugging out..
  4. clams

    Episode 450 - Throw It On the Floor

    I grumbled at this comment then I saw the username, WHY I OUGHTTA..
  5. That was fucking hilarious from start to finish.
  6. clams

    Episode 303 - Show Overload!

    Great ep! Check out Alan on the latest Doughboys Ep, while you're at it.. Super funny.
  7. That was an absolute joy to listen to. MVP of the episode?!:
  8. clams

    Episode 301 - Scare Get Da Jumps

    Thanks for the heads up! Watched the first episode, good shit.
  9. clams

    Episode 442 - Atlantis Dire Warning

    Maybe i'm crazy but Ming sounds like a Dutch accent. I think it's a funny character, just tough to dance around the elephant in the room... It can be funny in the context of everyone agreeing its blatantly awkward. *cough* tommy middle D https://youtu.be/xRSwrSp-Q-s
  10. Sean suffocating a talking octopus with a pillow, may be the greatest moment of any podcast. ever.
  11. First thing I thought was.. Wow this is best sounding live podcast I've heard in awhile, I wonder if Brett was involved? Great ep!
  12. clams

    Episode 417 - The 3 Year Diet

    Great ep tip to taint!
  13. clams

    Episode 412 - Little Whittle Whistle

    Twas a cryin' shame to leave Matt Gourley sitting patiently for over an hour! I absolutely love his ol' timey southern drawl.
  14. clams

    Episode 401 - LOVE Is Thicker Than Water

    Both Scotty and PFT are growing beards?! I could get used to this...