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  1. Houston

    EPISODE 351 — CBB: The Movie

    (holds him back)
  2. Kimmy Schmidt was fun in the "I wish 30 Rock was still a show way". I enjoyed it, but haven't thought about it since.
  3. Houston

    EPISODE 351 — CBB: The Movie

    Dixon, how did it feel to almost get a shout out for pencils, only to have your moment of glory stolen by pens? Pen 15 callback?
  4. In a semiserious note, thanks to all the old hats and new hats for letting new kids come on for jokes and joke notes. The death and subsequent tributes to Harris Wittles inspired me to be brave enough to try to make jokes for strangers. Specifically the 'will the bagels be shaped like pussy holes' joke. I came across these podcasts during a major life change and they honestly helped me both survive and find myself again.
  5. I thought it was agreed to be diaperdandygate?
  6. Houston

    EPISODE 351 — CBB: The Movie

    Relistening to the table read on the walk home. My god if it isn't the best. It would've been ok alone, but the additions of live, saves the day, and alien ant farm pushed me over the top. To the point I wanted to stop, explain myself to strangers who gave me weird looks. I mean, 1.5 hours isn't an inappropriate amount of time to keep a stranger, right? Especially when the effects of the drugs will wear off quickly... Man, I seriously loved the insane intensity of this show. "I won't call him that" "She calls him that" "Dad" To any tension here, if the late great Harris Wittles taught us anything it's that muthafucka's wanna laugh. If some muthafucka want to laugh at some things and other muthafucka's want to laugh at other things, can't wall agree that we are just muthafucka's form anotha motha?
  7. Houston

    EPISODE 351 — CBB: The Movie

    So much spoken on in this episode. Sean and Hayes are on the top of their game in this ep. Whether you come for great insight on how to read Calvin and Hobbs, Jesus as the original Bad Grampa, or simply bug thoughts... stay for the pure delight!
  8. I'd be ashamed at my excitement level at this news, but fairly sure it is par for the course in these parts.
  9. Houston

    Influx apologies

    Notice LAHH is basically a laff. With Sean and Hayes in your heart, life is laffs.
  10. I really look forward to Scott and Scott dissecting this:
  11. Houston

    Edge Meets Ledge

    I also hope they discuss how the yellow stage thing looks like a big dong.
  12. Can we get an A-list celeb to read this tweet as a part of the 'best of' episode? Edit: and by tweet I mean forum comment.
  13. How do you feel about DiaperDandyGate?
  14. There is no thread but thread. Praise be to thread. (I'm going to stop there or else we might have an 'American Diaper' level incident here.)
  15. Threadlander: There can be only one.
  16. Someone mentioned doing a google hangout before the show becomes the breakout success of 2015 and redefines the podcast industry. Is this going to go down?
  17. Happy Birthday Brett!
  18. Verner Herzog. He'd LOVE their games.
  19. I was actually thinking of the same kind of supercut for the exact reason!
  20. This podcast has taught me to keep it real and drop truth. One example of this happened today when someone said, "I am ok with Jimmy Olsen being black, but cool?!?! I just don't know" Given my education in comedy and entertainment I was a step ahead of this square. I calmly replied "hey, but nerds are cool now." Then I came here to tell you guys.
  21. A supercut of Sean transitioning to his high pitched voice.
  22. Go check out the HH forum right now. Clemdawg asked for suggestions of 'best of' material in the Ep83 thread (page 7). I am partial to Matt Gourley's ep myself. The recent episodes of Neil Casey and Nick Kroll are solid as well. It took me a while to grow on the show, but dammit if they haven't won me over.
  23. You son of a not gifted artist who wanted to create a representation of evil incarnate by drawing the prince of darkness dancing to a BoyZ 2 Men slow jam which resulted in something not really evil looking bitch
  24. Episode 52 - Matt Gourley's foundation of comedy is golden. Edit: Damn. There is an echo in here....