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  1. Houston

    Episode 194 - The I Was There Me Too Show

    Like Spunky, the first Matt Gourley ep was what got me into HH. It was nice to listen to that episode again. I wish I could listen to a new HH ep, but the show is over and they keep recycling/re-editing old eps.
  2. Houston

    Episode 193 - Holly Prazoff, Our Close Friend

    I was listening to this ep on the way to meet an old friend and thought of a funny forum post. I told myself, self, you better pull off the interstate and write this joke down or else you'll forget it. By this point in the post you've probably guessed that I did not pull over to write down the joke. Better luck next week.
  3. Houston

    Episode 192 - Julie Klausner, Our Tonys Friend

    Tried making a nice smore pick like Spunky but things got a little out of control.
  4. Houston

    Episode 192 - Julie Klausner, Our Tonys Friend

    It's nice they are releasing old Julie eps so that we don't have to face the reality of our beloved show being over.
  5. Houston

    Episode 191 - Eugene Cordero, Our Close Friend

    I wish they'd ended the show last week.
  6. Houston

    Episode 190 - Bang Rodgman, Our Spinoff Friend

    Nice knowing you all. I'll hang back here and douse the curtains with kerosene before burning this all down. Be sure to take your jackets with you.
  7. Houston

    Episode 188 - Tawny Newsome, Our Close Friend

    One day a Tuesday will come and the prophecy of the show ending will be fulfilled. On that day I will begin to cleanse the world of this disease known as humanity. Until then I'll look forward to the laughs.
  8. Houston

    Episode 185 - Zeke Nicholson, Our Close Friend

    Dan's a UPS guy. It's not that impressive because he HAS to knock.
  9. Houston

    Episode 185 - Zeke Nicholson, Our Close Friend

    Kevin O'Brien cannot be Fatty2Dicks... I AM FATTY2DICKS
  10. Houston

    Episode 185 - Zeke Nicholson, Our Close Friend

    Please, just 2Dicks, Mr 2 Dicks was his father.
  11. Houston

    Episode 185 - Zeke Nicholson, Our Close Friend

    It's good to make jokes, but please, before you go to Africa and join up with a warlord please, please get in touch with me. This can be a very dangerous endeavor. I can help you punch up your resume so that you can get in with the best warlords. You don't want to be burning villages with one of those cut-rate, wannabe warlords.
  12. not sure it's a noun, but the one time I went longer than a streak the police said it was 'indecent exposure'
  13. "can we cut this?" favorite intern andy catchphrase. As much as I enjoyed this ep, I was bothered by something I noticed if you look at Intern Andy's picture carefully. See if you can spot it.
  14. Houston

    Episode 183 - Employee Reviews, Our Useful Tool

    Did you have a successful third listen? Did you manage to get all the earplugs out? Did you see me looking in your window?
  15. Houston

    Episode 182 - Doing Spont, Our Close Friend

    PFT, Sean, Hayes, Kenyan buzzfeed, and passing mention of conflict areas in Africa? It's like all my favorite things in one place! This ep is 10/10 malnourished children that you can help if you just give them your coffee.
  16. Houston

    Episode 181 - Carl Tart, Our Close Friend

    I remembered my bit. Finding throwaway parts of the ep and making a pic about it. I'm glad they did another ep and SUPER glad I didn't email them asking if it was real. That would be really REALLY embarrassing.
  17. Houston

    Episode 180 - Mikal Cronin, Our Close Music

    I haven't posted in a few weeks and I've forgotten all the bits I used to do. I like Chanson and that well seems dry... hmm. Crow World? hard pass. Erotic Office Fan Fiction? that was too long ago for these guys to understand. I could use a song for "I want to post but am lacking inspiration" @Mikal please DM me so we can work something out.
  18. Houston


    Happy Birthday Hayes!
  19. That was a gem of a joke that didn't get it's due. Thanks for showing it the proper respect.
  20. Houston

    Episode 173 - Mike Mitchell, Our Close Friend

    Are you guys following @roguedoughboy ? They are leaking some pretty damning info. This leak culture is getting out of hand, but I can't stop following. This is the latest 'leak': "candid photo of Nick Wiger after the BJ's ep. This why he's so pissy"
  21. Chanson, what are your thoughts on a string of 3 posts? It's too much, right?
  22. Got Berries for my sweetie. Now I just need a sweetie so these don't join the pile of rotting berries in my backyard.
  23. Typically the 3rd consecutive post is when you are trying too hard.