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  1. Unrelated question. Do you own gloves and if so how do they fit? Follow up, how many people have you murdered? P.S. Allegedly
  2. Unbox it, but only post it if it's proper gross. I don't deal with disappointment well.
  3. Great ep. I loved the insane pacing and agitated guest. Sean and Hayes shine the brightest when the guest seems to want to murder them. 5 stars.
  4. Missed the last 10 pages, but it seems like this is the 'Review of Other Podcasts' thread. Spontaneonation (or some reasonable spelling thereof): the more SuperEgo folks on their the better. The Mars trip was great. CBB - the 6th anniversary and the Cameron Esposito/JW Stillwater eps were instant classics. Listening to Scott struggling to maintain some kind of grasp of coherence towards the end of JW/Cameron/JW Prime was gold. Reality Show Show - been hitting up those as well. REALLY enjoying those. The past two HH eps have not been AS enjoyable as some in the past for me, and maybe it's just me, but I look forward to the bright future of these two fine lads.
  5. 8) Breaded. Satisfying, but hard to understand exactly what we are consuming.
  6. Update. I learned to resize a photo. Use your newfound knowledge of my name and likeness for good.
  7. "Scientists" and their "fancy book learning" know very little about dinosaurs. I was born in the 1980. I grew up on a steady diet of Weird Al tapes and Monty Python sketches on CDs. I probably didn't listen to non-comedy audio consistently until I tried to like Dave Matthews Band in order to be more attractive to the lady types. (Spoiler Alert, didn't help). My father, pictured as a youth somewhere on the Ep. 80 thread, encouraged my funny chops by introducing me to Monty Python's Search for the Meaning of Life, long before I was really ready for it, but man. LOVED it. (jump cut) Now in college. Halo is a thing. First person shooters are popular. I SUCK at them. I notice a lot of the kids on Halo have really threatening names like "A33a33ink1ll3r18293 or SupremeDeathLordMurderD3thKillerManz291032764876978897". These names were not funny or scary, but they were dumb. So I decided to mock them. I knew Thunder was scary, Skellington scary (even before I knew how scary skellingtons were). Something like Thunder needed to be paired with something not scary. Possibly the most unthreatening word I could think of.....Lilac! Thus Lilac Thunder was born. (jump cut) Then I discovered a show that I legitimately did not understand.... for a while, but I started looking "is this jokes"? on the forum. Then I kept listening and suddenly it became funny. I also wanted funny, but didn't know if my real name was appropriate. So Lilac Thunder was the natural choice of funny name. Typing dinosaur was the most non-scary lilac image on the internets. Then some people referenced my dinosaur image. It then it me, I'm no dinosaur. I'm a social science guy who likes people and laffs. I thought about making the big reveal at comment 100, but then I found SteveH's pancake recipe.... things like that change a man. Even one occasionally confused as a dinosaur. So, pending approval of the name checker thing. I am Houston. Update: Uploading photos is hard.
  8. HEEEYOOOO! This guy gets me. Thinking of making the dreaded plunge into shifting from Purple Dinosaur on Internets to 'real person' mode. That seems to be the going forum trend amongst some.
  9. SteveH aka AD, I just looked at your pancake recipe. I was previously impressed with your rise to fame in this forum, but now? I am in awe of an amazing looking pancake recipe. Will try and review soon.
  10. Kittens. Is your name a callback to the kittens mentioned on the Reality Show Show or are you just a manifestation of adorable, young cats?
  11. I don't get the joke about the hair sauce. Seems a legit product available on amazon.galaxy.com
  12. Re-animated hammer-wiedling skellingtons are a hallmark of sorcery, hocus pocus, and unholy shenanigans. I am sorry for your scared and I hope you get the help you need.
  13. Nice use of Wikipedia. Is your wound supernatural in origin?
  14. Is that the stigmata?
  15. Alex, I once read about a man in Florida who tried to kiss a cottonmouth snake, but then it bit him and his head inflated like a balloon. What is the best way to kiss poisonous snakes?
  16. The screen is filled with the faces of 1,000s of forumers on their computers. You see their eyes glistening as they hear the heavenly 'whaddup whappup'. One man, human man, seemingly disfigured as a grotesque purplish dinosaur rises from his computer. He attempts to clap. DAMN ARMS, but others... moved by the sad flailing arms begin to beat out the sound.... clap. clap. CLAP. CLAP. CLAP. CLAP. CLAP. CLAP. CLAP. CLAP. CLAP. CLAP. CLAP. CLAP. CLAP. CLAP. CLAP. CLAP. CLAP. CLAP. CLAP. The camera cuts to some forum called rabbit... reddit... unsure... where snarky, neredowells fingers fall away from their keyboards to wipe tears from there eyes. [off camera, voice says] He did it. That son of a bitch really did it. He wrote the perfect forum comment.
  17. I didn't realize the dad/pet thing was a part of the rules. Sorry that my 50th post is the one saying "oh, I read McGurls Guidebook". I guess I am just dropping truths today. Dad is the one top right. Moseley. 100lb Old English Bulldog.
  18. Should be fixed. It was supposed to be dominos joke, but it appears the real joke is my ability to post images to message boards.
  19. I know a lot of people wanted their profile pics reflected in a game. I think I got everyone in. Unfortunately, given how many funny forum folks frequently flogging funnies it just started to look like the inky blackness of space. Sorry if you were excluded.
  20. We almost got another tyrant review. So close... and yet. This is a difficult podcast to listen to whilst walking to school as the sudden and spontaneous fits of laughter might make you seem insane to those you pass on the street. Nevertheless... 5 stars for silly space travel.
  21. In a land before my time in this forum, I didn't quite get the truth drops from Sean and Hayes. Then they introduced a segment called "Eh, Wrong". That truth won me over. Great sode. You've seen the shoddy quality of fences in that park. Why even ask the question? Well earned Pro, Joe.