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  1. Houston

    Episode 171 - Chris Bannon, Our Close Boss

    Come for the fun, stay for the accurate observations about the differences in alligators and crocodiles.
  2. Houston

    Episode 170 - The Wendigabrus, Our Close Friend

    Like many HH eps, this episode goes deep into Sean's jealous insecurity over Haye's success apart from him. It's comedy gold, but I wake up every morning and check TMZ's twitter feed to make sure that the good-natured ribbing hasn't transformed into a murderous rage. I love the boys, but we all know this ends in a murder-suicide. I'll keep laughing until then!
  3. I liked the parts where I laughed, but I don't like Peeps so I had a hard time emotionally connecting with this ep.
  4. Houston

    Episode 168 - Will Greenberg, Our Good Friend

    [Reserving this space to come back and make a witty comment about listening to the episode and probably follow it up with a joke about Chanson because reasons.]
  5. Houston

    Episode 165 - Max Silvestri, Our Close Friend

    My family all died in the Great Fires of Chicago. Please don't mention families, cows, or Mrs O'Leary. Or my arsonist ancestors who blamed the cow.
  6. I was going to post a review of the ep, but so much time has passed since it was released it doesn't seem to matter. I'll try again next week.
  7. I listened to this episode and I even enjoyed it. Thanks for reading this breathtaking insight.
  8. "There’s no better way to speak truth to power than to be communicating very directly with the power. Power’s gonna talk back sometime." Great ep. RIP Agata. You were the best of us.
  9. Great. Ep. Loved hearing Sean on with Hayes and Jessica. Really a great show. 12 sporks.
  10. Great ep. Cody is a true legend. Hopefully I can apply these tips and improve my social media game.
  11. Great ep. Hit me right in the spectrum.
  12. From 8-10, how do you rank this podcast. not just the ep, but the entire series?
  13. I live every day like it's Tuesday. I also have had a traumatic brain injury, but I'm sure it's not related.
  14. Great ep. Great forum. Great posts. Some okay jokes. It's nice to have a place where people can kick back, relax, and escape the insanity of this election season. In the grand scheme of things there is more that unites us than divides us and if you really want to feel old you've aged since you started reading this comment.
  15. I was going to do a funny image of some kind of dog restaurant but then I google image searched dog menu and got sad. I did get the Onyx reference, yet it wasn't enough to offset the fido fettuccini images. Here is a butt knot.
  16. I do remember Brandon Content. Not really sure it's a coincidence as much as it is just two fictitious characters named Brandon.
  17. Brandon Wardell. Wrong on cephalopods. Wrong on laughing good. This ad brought to you by Squidarms Across America PAC. *SaAA PAC does not endorse racism, cucking, misogyny, or general bigotry.
  18. 11. Injera? Sorry, I can't hear ya. 12. Chapati? Yeah, I'm feeling naughti. 13. Dinner Roll? Let's roll and kill these terrorists. 14. Paperfood? Come on Sudan, that's just Injera and you know it.
  19. I like the PCG song better when you can actually hear it.
  20. Jen, Colin Kaepernick has gotten in a lot of trouble for kneeling in protest during the national anthem. I'd like to support his cause but I am not nearly as famous. Is there anyway less famous person can hate freedom and still be an overnight viral sensation?
  21. Jen, It's famously said that tragedy + time = comedy However, I bought a watch and my life is not any funnier. Any suggestions?
  22. You nailed the nip coloration. 5/5 nip hairs.
  23. I cannot wait for election season to be over. I am tired of HOWL and all these political themed podcasts.