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  1. To think this guy is just a month away from retirement and then this shit happens. He might not make it to his golden handshake.
  2. This morning I recall thinking, this is a terrible bit, but if you are going to start a dumpster fire you should at least see it through to the end. Upon reflection, I was wrong this morning. I'm sorry to have disparaged dumpster fires. Even they bring warmth and light to the world for a time.
  3. Houston

    Episode 149 - Just Sean and Hayes

    I told my friends to listen to HH. They did and said it wasn't funny. I was once told by TV that it is important to have a code so now I have fewer friends. I also fear that the bodies will be found one day. Just kidding. They'll never be found.
  4. this is a stunningly poorly reasoned position. why test drugs to see if they do what they claim to? Sure there can be an argument against making some drugs illegal, but he's taking one of the dumbest possible lines of argument. his root point seems to just regulate everything and laws are a bad idea as a concept.
  5. This episode was a veritable buffet of everything I love in life, Hollywood Handbook, the movie Ransom, wool, jokes, and child abduction.
  6. I blame Mack Weldon. They are SO comfortable you don't want to take them off and they wick away odor and moisture so well it's hard not to shit yourself in them.
  7. Julie Klausner is spitting hot fire on this episode. By hot fire I mean Julie Klausner is a fire breathing dragon. By fire breathing dragon I mean she's killing jokes like Smaug killed the residents of Dale. By residents of Dale I mean the jokes are so fresh it's like one of the early towns of men. By the towns of men, I just mean the species of humans as opposed to all Children of Iluvatar or dwarves. By dwarves, I'm referring to the beings created by Mahal who got impatient with Iluvatar who was spending so much damn time singing of creation that Mahal got bored. By bored, I obviously mean this podcast was fun. 6/6 Benghazi's.
  8. I had a surprise party once. My girlfriend asked them to get me there by 8pm. Naturally, they assumed putting a pillowcase over my head, ziptying my arms behind my back, throwing me in the back of an SUV and leaving me out by an old abandoned pump house for 15-20 minutes first was a natural part of the request. Fun times.
  9. Lol. Jared Leto is so dumb he doesn't even know how to correctly use a condom.
  10. Happy Birthday Sean! The Dread Pirate Sean Box was on point this month
  11. how does sex go? Thanks in advance for the tips and just the tips please.
  12. I was going to post a joke about nohorseman keeping track of peoples reviews on his HH wiki but then I got locked out of my account. Probably the Russians got in the wires. Anyway, the moment's passed so put me down for a DNF for this weeks. Hopefully next week will be better.
  13. The episode was ok, but I feel like Sean lifted at least 7% of his dweebdork character from my person life and I am furious.
  14. I used to think so as well and tried to spice up my sex life by bringing PFT into bed. He's great at a lot of things, but everyone has their limits.
  15. <PM to Spunky Foonerism Get busy livin' or get busy dying. -@Andy dufresne /PM>
  16. Spunky, Same problem:
  17. The boys are getting so good at native advertising. It's easy to catch the plugs for Casper Mattress and Blue Apron, but I didn't even know Intern Andy was just a character played by the mastermind behind the newest drink craze: HH still has the best ad reads in the business.
  18. I found this episode to be the psychopath of least resistance to laughs.
  19. I know one forum member who will not take kindly to this kind of specisist talk on the forum. Please be careful how you talk about our 2,4,6, and 8 legged friends. Odd leg number creatures? They can just die for all I care.
  20. This was an episode of a podcast and a cracker of an episode at that. I liked most of the jokes and the substantially worse audio quality than when Hayes called in from NY. (I wrote this review whilst sleeping under my desk at work)
  21. Brexit is causing all sorts of chaos, even for our dear Sean and Hayes.