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  1. I'm still new to the improv scene, but even I know the guiding principle of "Yes, Andy".
  2. I now realize that the infamous song, "I want my baby back, baby back, baby back, Chili'ssssss, baby back ribs", was really about wanting Andy back on HH. The song was literally before it's time.
  3. Page 6 feels like it's too late to offer original insight on the ep. So I'll keep my thoughts to myself. I assure they are both penetrating and witty. You'd really like them if you heard them. Instead I'll punch up this comment: SPONSORED POST This thread is brought to you by Podcasts Are Wonderful. Each week on the show, Greggy Hockstetler invites a celebrity guest (played by his son Alex) to review a different podcast, resulting in conversations that are as heartfelt as they are hilarious. Subscribe to Podcasts Are Wonderful on iTunes or wherever you listen to podcasts. Episode 77 is a personal favorite of me, Dan Eglar. SPONSORED POST This thread is also brought to you by Chanson, who, like the Lonely Island, might be on a boat. Also, possibly not on a boat. SPONSORED POST This thread is also brought to you by Trends With Benefits, the podcast where host Gabe Danon and his special guests dish about the hottest trends on social media, along with interns Agata and July. Recorded live at Danon Studios, with production by Gabe Danon and web design by Gabe Danon. Subscribe to Trends With Benefits on iTunes or wherever you listen to podcasts. It is very funny, like episode 77 of PAW, again, my personal favorite. SPONSORED POST This thread is also brought to you by Adam Sachs Snack Attacks, a new subscription service that is like the "LegalZoom of NatureBoxes". Each month, our team of hunger management experts ship a diversified portfolio of snack options directly to your door. Simply eat the snacks you like and donate the remaining tax-deductible portion to a 501(​c)(3) organization. Use promo code SCROMNOMNOM at checkout to receive your first month free. Also see my 'GoFundMe' page as I've recently hit some financial difficulties. [THIS SPACE FOR SALE] CONTACT ME FOR AFFORDABLE ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITIES. You can reach me with your hand if you are close or via smoke signals if you are further away.
  4. I grew up in a time where AMA meant something. It meant you could "ask me anything" and the person would answer the questions. Sometimes the questions were dumb and sometimes they were great, but such is the risk when making such a bold public statement. It's brave to put yourself out there like Muffins did. I respect her bravery as being brave is the heart of comedy, but the subsequent silence is deafening and I'm having to rethink everything. Times, they are a changing I guess. AMA is the new LMAO, because ask yourself, when was the last time you had an assless friend?
  5. It's not bad if you can get past their fans. A truly insufferable lot.
  6. Few questions. 1 - who is he? 2 - why does he not like jokes? 3 - where does he live? 4 - what is his daily schedule? 5 - what are the odds he carries a weapon for personal defense?
  7. This was most definitely an episode of a podcast. Was it the best episode of a podcast of all time and all podcasts to come? Probably not, that would be a ludicrous statement. Did I laugh? Well, I'd like some sense of privacy so make up your own damn mind.
  8. I've hear of daring feats, but tyrannical teats?
  9. "It's not about winning, it's about how you play the game." - Ms. Manning. Houston's Elementary School Principal who succeeded in raising a generation of students whose ambitions in no way met the crushing reality of the job market that awaited them, but wanted them to think they were special and thus anything they did was good enough.
  10. I've lost my super power. I didn't hear this ep through the walls of space and time. I did listen to it most of it and slept through some of it. The funny parts were great. Sean's love of cat's was particularly moving.
  11. Thanks to hardwork and insomnia, I finally listened to this weeks podcast. I think it was ok. Still not sure if I heard a leaked version of The Best Show through the walls of space and time, but I guess some mysteries will never be solved. I'll try not to use my new Interstellar powers to ruin future podcasts for you guys. If you like laughing, oh my, do you have jokes headed your way in the near future/present/past!
  12. I listened to the best show and for some reason I felt like I'd heard it before. Not that I've heard The Best Show, but that exact show. I don't know if the mixture of brain worms and morphine let me hear podcasts of the future or not. If so, I guess I can keep riding this crazy train and cancel that HOWL subscription.
  13. Your mom and I have been working through that. It's going to be a difficult process, but thankfully I have a powerful Total Recall fetish. I think we'll get through this. Also, please clean your room. It smells unnatural.
  14. Well I'm Houston and it's been clearly established that I have worms for brains and not shit for brains. Please pay attention. I recommend jokes over name calling. We came here for laughs, not yelling. Welcome. PS. is your mom single?
  15. I really appreciated Sean's reference to my favorite Ad Council poster from my childhood. It really helped me think differently about my surroundings. I think the episode was great, but I kept falling asleep.
  16. You might look at this and think, "this looks like Houston is stretching his considerable lack of image altering skills well past the point of humor. It'd be better if he just found a new joke" and I'd kindly remind you that opinions are like assholes, asshole.
  17. I used the word literally, literally. Got worms on the brain. Typically I would be all about a surrealistic narrative wrapped in growls, screaming guitars, and double bass drums. However, today I find myself staunchly anti-worm.
  18. I'm going to respectfully disagree with that assessment at this juncture.
  19. Sorry. I had something else on my mind. LITERALLY
  20. Sorry. I didn't know this was Mug on Movies or some such nonsense. I was referring to the shoddy government contract work which endangered the lives of our brave astronauts. RT is right though, great movie, but seriously shit spacecraft.
  21. Sorry for the early cliff hanger post. Not only did I listen to it, I laughed at the jokes! Alison was a fantastic guest and I look forward to hearing from our Friend Alison, Again. And not trying to call you out Cargo, but can you do a joke name for me? Maybe something better than that Apollo 13 weak sauce Honlads brought?!
  22. Oh, this one sounds great. I probably listen!
  23. I don't know about you Joe, but true cookie heads don't mess around when dunkin' the O's in sweet, sweet milk. That look just means it's time to twist, lick, dunk!
  24. I think most of you are listening to HH wrong. Sure Ehh Wrong, can take an edgy tone, but I assumed that most of us here listened to the podcast to know what to think about stuff that was good and nice and fun. Ehh Wrong is just a corrective segment. It's hard when people try to develop their own opinions because occasionally they don't opinion correctly. Reddit users are notoriously bad at opinions and often relationships. It is very nice of Sean and Hayes to take time out of their busy schedules to help us know the right way to think and enjoy their work. I wish other podcasts would take note. Anyway, I'm going to carry on my day like I know my idol would, with friends and cookies.
  25. I can't speak for Amir, but this Jake guy is going places..... going with me in my bunk!