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  1. Spunky has a point. There are lots of different comedy schools out there. "Yes, and" might be very popular, but it should cause us to overlook other comedic expressions. For example, - Chicago is seeing a surge of excitement around the "I'm sorry, what?" experiment - Atlanta's improv scene is emerging thanks to the hilarious "I'm not sure, but I'm scared of" nights at suburban clubs - LA is a bit smitten with the "yes, and" school at the moment, but I expect "Honeychild please!, but do go on" to catch up soon - NYC, which is very different from LA has already moved beyond "yes, and" in favor of "hmm, no, but maybe" So really it's to each their own. I, for one, am thankful for everyone who is funny enough, brave enough, willing enough, and simply does not have a valid excuse to get out of doing this podcast. To all who have been willing to not make up a dental appointment to get out of providing us many minutes of laughs and awkward silences, we here at the forum thank you.
  2. Glad I could help salvage this episode guys. Happy to do it again next week.
  3. Mike, I've been doing genealogical research on my family and am interested in the etymology of surnames. How much do you know about your ancestors practice of rinsing off judges?
  4. Mike, When I found out the Mythbusters were just work friends it broke my heart. I know you don't have to be best friends with everyone you work with, but are you and Ike friends in real life?
  5. Mr. M. Lawrence, What is it like working with Will Smith? What can we expect from Bad Boy 3?
  6. Lots of new faces in this part. Good to see that 98% of the HH forum isn't posting over here.
  7. Funny you should ask. Just found this at the back of the shop.
  8. Learning and Laughing, possibly my favorite things in life. When not learning or laughing, I'm getting my toddler suits from Schoolboy Sean. Adequate service and a passable product. 3.3/5.
  9. Happy Birthday Hayes! I remember that time I listened to you tell funny jokes and stories. It was like the other 125 times I heard you tell funny jokes and stories. It was also similar to the 40 or so times I listened to you tell funny jokes and stories about reality tv shows. The really do grow up so fast. Me and the kids at school worked up a little something for you. Timmy was supposed to bring his GoPro so we could make a video of all of us singing Happy Birthday to you, but Phil and Albert jumped him at the busstop. All he had left were the markers we brought to huff in the bathroom because school is hard. Enough about me, have a good one Hayzebone.
  10. I am a bit tight. Maybe I should do some stretching. Or I could meditate on seeing Clemdawg perform in Shitty Jobs and shaking his hand. I'll never wash that hand again, but I didn't really before.... Shitty Jobs - 5 stars.
  11. Sounds like a wee challenge for my folks over at the old NSA. I'll let them take it from here.
  12. Best Part of Waking Up, is Owl in your Cup.
  13. Thejjar is all grown up and sending half naked pictures to strangers! They grow up so fast. Scott Auckerman said "Oh god I forgot we asked people to do this "
  14. Great eggs, sorry, great EP. Classic mistake. Sean is very funny and this ep reminds me of that time he butt dialed me. That was a funny 19hrs. Hayes is also very funny and kind. He also made a reference to Sphere by Michael Crichton which was my favorite book in high school. Tom is the prince of darkness.
  15. YURI! Long time man. Actual outer space is my favorite camp of all! You might remember me, as we talked a bit when your MiG lost control and you "died". Glad to hear you are not dead. If you are in the neighborhood stop by for a vodka.
  16. I was trying not to get into super technical talk just so that others wouldn't get confused, but you are absolutely right. Did you got to space camp?
  17. Interesting question Jack. It's more of the second one as I am a very important person who astronauts call whenever they are in a dilly of a pickle. I'm very smart after all.
  18. Hey Chanson, nice to meet you. What's your favorite questionable idea about women? My name is Houston. I like laughing and jokes, but not necessarily in that order.
  19. Something that continually impresses me is the boys ability to get guests to laugh. Both at their jokes and the increasing absurdity of their bit. Glad I'm not the only one who enjoys laughing with them or else I'd be a crazy person writing on a forum by myself.
  20. Houston

    Episode 122 - Deadpool, Our Close Fiend

    Is that Derek Waters?
  21. Houston

    Episode 122 - Deadpool, Our Close Fiend

    1/1 Dr's agree that laughter is the best medicine. Good ep and I feel better already.
  22. According to his wikipedia entry, Robert Durst was a lacrosse player in high school, so maybe get him talking about that and see if he'd help you with some money for lacrosse lessons/equipment.
  23. I think it's some font called metal mania, but don't blame me, blame the sentient trashcan. I am but his messenger.
  24. I went back and re-listened. Turned out I slept through a solid 30-40 minutes of the podcast. Great Q jackal. The matrix talked made a lot more sense when listened to in chronological order. Also it explained why Trashy the Trash Can has been haunting me at night. He promised if I just give him a few more books he'll go away. Sorry Fahrenheit 451, book or ebook, Trashy has a hunger.