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  1. If you are dealing with a flair era hostess, a strong magnet and a bean bag should work. the beanbag breaks the fall. if it's post flair era hostess, have you tried the triple deke? It's remarkable what it can accomplish.
  2. Warghoul. Have you tried the triple deke? That should fix it.
  3. I still don't get andrews question, but I'm happy for him that it made everyone laugh. I need to listen again because I think I feel asleep a few times.
  4. Guest, I am a big fan of the Love Actually and I plan on doing the "To Me, You're Perfect" scene for my special someone. What font size is recommended if they'll have to read it from 100+ yards away?
  5. Guest, It's often said that size doesn't matter, but I think it does. Yet when I do a great big poop and leave it for my lady friend to see she gets really upset. How can I get her to celebrate my accomplishments with me?
  6. TIL I am not a 'tru' podcast fan and that Montgomery is very popular.... FOR ME TO POOP ON! #classic
  7. Look. I appreciated the effort behind the piece, but you know, you gotta make sure you do a thorough lit review on this stuff. B+
  8. I can vouch for him. I was at the same conference. Solid work.
  9. I know this is a sensitive subject and in no way do I want to diminish the experience of sexual violence. Sexual violence is wrong full stop. That said, I think he's innocent not because I think he did not do it, but I think Cale Hartmann is a construct played by 10 different actors. Think about it, his appearance changes greatly over the years. Coincidence? NO! The Femanazi Fascist Fanclub (FFF)1 created this conspiracy to make you think that a sexually aggressive bastard like Cale Hartmann exists. The FFF itself is a front for Lizard Ladies, a secret cabal of female aliens with a reptilian like appearance that are at war with their male alien counterparts. They aggressively seek to destroy male lead comedy by sabotaging the careers of Dane Cook and secretly bankrolling most of Adam Sandler's Netflix series. I mean, what is more believable, that a sexually aggressive man tried to use his position of power to exploit up and coming comedians or that the male improv scene is under attack by mean alien lizard ladies. I trust after considering the facts for themselves you'll see the truth. 1 FFF is the chief rival of the Hollywood Mafia
  10. DM me up if you want to help donate to a worthy cause.
  11. My kid told me a funny joke this morning. Him: Knock, Knock. Me: Who's there? Him: Knock, Knock. Me: Who's there? Him: Knock, Knock. Me: Who's there? Him: Knock, Knock. Me: WHO'S THERE !?!?!?!? Him: Dixon suxon! Me: Whoa! Sick burn, but you have a point.
  12. Agreed. Alex is really talented!
  13. Welcome back boys. We all get confused from time to time. Thanks for the lovin' and laughin' with us.
  14. I have doogied. I have nae naed. I tried to Chanson and I must say, it is more difficult than I anticipated. Respect Chanson. Doing that day in and day out is the Lord's work.
  15. I'm starting to get creeped out by the ep. I though the whole Joshua taking over Chris was a joke about method actors, but in doing some research for my boy BoB on earth shapes, I came across THIS. Now, the image was doctored by NASA to look like the earth curved, but the government thought police at NASA missed what I think is pretty damning evidence that this weeks ep is real life.
  16. I listened to what they were not saying this time instead of what they were saying. Zero laughs. Listened again to what they were saying and IF you could multiply by zero it would've been 1000x more laughs, but given that the starting laugh number was zero math dictates the second listen got zero laughs as well. Anyway, it was nice learning that my favorite childhood show was a spinoff of Big Lake although I didn't know it at the time.
  17. Houston

    Episode 117 - Devin Field, Our Pet Project

    Did a bit of time-traveling this weekend. In an alternate timeline tomorrow's show wasn't very good, but I gave it a punch up. When you listen and laugh at ep 118 you can thank me.
  18. Houston

    Episode 117 - Devin Field, Our Pet Project

    SteveH, I had a similar experience. I went to see the crows in a park. Like you, I indulged in some pre-game drinks. Unlike you I was also tripping balls. Like you I was PRETTY good at joking fun times with folks. Unlike you, I apparently failed to go to an actual concert and just went to a park with crows. Like you, I got punched in the face. It turns out that parents don't like stangers asking their kids to sing an encore and heckling them when they don't.
  19. Houston

    Episode 117 - Devin Field, Our Pet Project

    I listened to this episode, but especially the wordy parts. Update: I listened to a fan edit with the word parts taken out and Wheezy's right. The silence was deafening. #truthtopower
  20. Sir Nobody van Percy, Are you still there? Hello? We still doing this?
  21. Dear Future Somebody, who smells better sean or the engineer?
  22. Dear Guest, I recently saw a show that tried to determine if there were more bigfoots in the US or in Canada. Where do you think the most bigfoots live?
  23. I licked the funny parts of this ep. All of them. I drew this with my imagination.