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  1. I was thinking - perhaps this documentary should have just been about Phife's life. That may have tempered some of our missed expectations and maybe have made it even more emotional. One thing that always surprises me about their last call reunion record was how great Jarobi sounded on it. He was never a huge part of the music, but his voice was strong on the last one. And yea, a bunch of us have been in on Unspooled since episode one and it has its own forum here if you scroll down a little bit on this here website. Come over and join us! We're pretty pro-Amy over there, though. No, it's common critique, I think. She doesn't bother me though. I want her nitpicks and value them. I do find I agree with her a lot, but if not, that's how I strengthen my opinions/arguments too. I do to some extent come at these movies with a "we need reevaluate a lot of these sacred cows" angle like she does, and that, I think, is true.
  2. AlmostAGhost

    Episode 240.5 — Minisode 240.5

    I just watched the first two as well. The first one is trash. The second one is pretty enjoyable actually, but by no means "good". Looking forward to the third one!
  3. AlmostAGhost

    Upcoming Episodes

    I know a few people have posted this in threads, but they get buried and twitter timelines fade, so I thought we could keep this thread up-to-date better (and more easily findable) Current upcoming episodes: Ep 5 - The French Connection Ep 6 - Titanic Ep 7 - 2001: A Space Odyssey Ep 8 - Bonnie & Clyde
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    Upcoming Episodes

    next five! 6/4 Blade Runner 6/11 Shane 6/18 Modern Times 6/25 It Happened One Night 7/1 Jaws
  5. Yea, I'll add, I'm a super fan of the band for sure. They're my second favorite rap group and I have all their stuff. (Outkast is first.) But I did not particularly enjoy the documentary. It's weird though because I do agree with the points Graham made, but also with what Cinco said. It needs more music. It needs more Ali Shaheed. It does give good access to the Tip and Phife, for sure, and some of it isn't all rosy. I would have preferred to see more of them when they were young, instead of seeing an older Q-Tip going to see his high school teacher. I dunno. Show me how their clashes and closeness created this music and made them popular and influential. That's the connection I think the documentary needed. Also they don't even mention "Scenario" once.
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    A Streetcar Named Desire

    I'm totally behind this movie, 100%. I love it. And as I've seen it over the years, it's really grown on me more and more. I've seen some Tennessee Williams movies that dive into craziness (Suddenly Last Summer actually hits on cannibalism) but this one keeps it realistic. It's a great worthy classic.
  7. AlmostAGhost

    Yankee Doodle Dandy

    Paul & Amy salute to 1942's Jimmy Cagney musical extravaganza Yankee Doodle Dandy! They analyze the film as a template for modern musical biopics like Bohemian Rhapsody, break down a bizarre proposal scene, and learn how the real life political views of Jimmy Cagney clashed with his subject George M. Cohan. Plus: listeners offer their thoughts on Cabaret! For Intolerance week, what movie set do you think could inspire a great mall!
  8. I did a bit ago, and he responded with "haha. yes. rockula" so I think we should all coordinate text him about it He's written me back a few times, he's cool about it. i wrote him something about Intolerance too once after Unspooled
  9. you guys are focusing on the wrong thing
  10. Nevermind, that took 5 minutes and I'm in haha. Looks decent!
  11. Yea I'm just a little wary of signing up for more services, I'm already paying for 3 and have access to a ton of channels. I'll look into it though
  12. Love the Tribe! Haven't seen the docu though, hope I can find it
  13. AlmostAGhost

    What's your rankings in this "home stretch?"

    Hmm well if I remember our discussion rightly, or at least this is what stuck in my head since then: we mostly all thought the plot was thin. Like, a top-100 all-time movie needs to have more to it than just 'amazing dancing'. If that were the case, we could throw Fast and the Furious on there, just because it has amazing stunts. I actually did like it ok, just not nearly enough to raise it over just about anything on this list so far (I have it at #82 of 92). The blackface, of course, doesn't help at all, and that probably is reason enough to tank it though. Also I think the consensus was there are better films by Fred & Ginger too that aren't hard to credit; they could easily go on this list with something else. (I can't really speak to that, this is still the only Fred & Ginger film I've seen.)
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    Episode 240: Megaforce LIVE from Montreal!

    This is the Megaforce army
  15. AlmostAGhost

    Episode 240: Megaforce LIVE from Montreal!

    Am I the only one who thought they were going to go to the bone zone in the middle of the skydive?
  16. AlmostAGhost

    Bridge On The River Kwai

    I mean the very first sentiment Paul offered when they started was to call it 'basic', and I think during the wrap up, he reiterated that as well. But that's what I mean... the characters do represent that stuff, which is the depth I was referring to, but I don't think the film handles those ideas, really at all. If it did, I never felt engaged by the ideas presented.
  17. AlmostAGhost

    What's your rankings in this "home stretch?"

    I think we have 8 left, right? I've got 92 down Yea, a bunch of us on here have Letterboxd lists: Here's my list https://letterboxd.com/almostaghost/list/my-unspooled-afi-list-order/ I'll still fiddle with it over the remaining movies though, and there's a couple I'm already thinking I should rewatch!
  18. AlmostAGhost

    Bridge On The River Kwai

    Yea I vote no too, but I do like the film more than most of the war movies we've seen. I just don't think it's better than them. Likability isn't everything when you get to the top of a list like this. I mentioned on my Letterboxd that the film didn't leave me much to think about, and I think Paul & Amy expressed it similarly. The film has some depth to it, but it's not a particularly engaging depth. And that may be part of its appeal, I'm not sure, but that's where it loses me some.
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    Musical Mondays Week 92 Mamma Mia!

    This was the only thing about the movie I cared to find out I hope it's in part 2
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    Upcoming Episodes

    Next five! 5/21 Bridge on the River Kwai 5/28 A Streetcar Named Desire 6/4 Blade Runner 6/11 Shane 6/18 Modern Times
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    Musical Mondays Week 92 Mamma Mia!

    I don't know what you all are talking about. This is terrible in every way.
  22. AlmostAGhost

    Spool Party: House Party

    Yea same, it's been ages since I watched this, and didn't rewatch it this week. The pod episode was fun to listen to though, but I sort of miss a serious discussion that makes me think. Hope when we run out of AFI movies, Paul & Amy can find some way to keep going with "great" movies, not just cool ones to revisit.
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    I think Amy is right about the age stuff. I think the whole story would've felt more consequential if these guys were all like 30. Then they'd truly be throwing their lives away by living this sort of life and facing prison time at the end and everything. The stakes would have felt so much higher and urgent. But I guess it's a 'true' story so they had to go this way? I dunno. I like the movie a good bit, truly, but I did vote no here. I just don't know if it transcends the genre so much.