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  1. AlmostAGhost

    Yankee Doodle Dandy

    Easy no for me too. My bullshit detector is good, I think; and this movie is nothing but.
  2. AlmostAGhost

    Upcoming Episodes

    4/23 - Yankee Doodle Dandy 4/30 - Intolerance 5/7 - GoodFellas 5/14 - Bridge Over The River Kwai 5/21 - A Streetcar Named Desire
  3. AlmostAGhost

    Musical Mondays Week 90 Hair

    Yea, that narrative part is fine, but to be the actual point they elevate to title status? Seems very minor to me.
  4. AlmostAGhost

    Musical Mondays Week 90 Hair

    I felt like adding, I hate that it's called Hair. It has nothing to do with anything. I know the relation between hippies and hair, let it flow, but it's such a stupid reference point for the film. Also it's just another aspect that makes me assume they're mocking the hippies. How many of the songs could have been more interesting titles? Age of Aquarius?
  5. AlmostAGhost

    Musical Mondays Week 90 Hair

    Weird. There goes my theory that Claude has to live his days as Berger, much like Don Draper did in Mad Men.
  6. AlmostAGhost

    Musical Mondays Week 90 Hair

    I literally googled pederasty to make sure it meant what I thought it did after that song. Really dig it! I love when he puts his humor in songs
  7. AlmostAGhost

    Musical Mondays Week 90 Hair

    Yea I wondered this in my Letterboxd. I truly couldn't tell. It seems like it's supposed to pro-hippie, but also goes out of the way to make them look pathetic. I kind of wish it had a bit more of a stance on this. But I did like it, it's super crazy. The songs are NUTS. The situations are even weirder. But honestly, I found the deeply ironic ending to be really good. It's all sort of nonsense before that, but I thought it was a good twist ending.
  8. AlmostAGhost

    Musical Mondays Week 89 Rock, Rock, Rock

    Yea, they would still attend. Outlines are basically little synopses of every case you're going to discuss: main facts, arguments, the final holding. Then when you're called on, you can have those at the ready. I guess it helps to do it via a group because it's so much material (I studied alone as best I could, I prefer it, but couldn't always avoid it). It's pretty accurate. I think modern professors are probably a little less rude/argumentative, but the putting your knowledge on the spot like that in class would still happen. (Or did when I went 15 years ago.) Also what it really nails is how much it makes you insufferable, when this sort of overwhelming experience is all you think about. We didn't have suicide attempts at my school, but in our first year there were plenty of drop-outs, crazy relationships, etc., so I didn't take this as condensed as a Platoon. Felt all pretty real to me.
  9. AlmostAGhost

    Musical Mondays Week 89 Rock, Rock, Rock

    yea i am sure it's a little blown out of proportion/hyperbolic, but there is a lot of lingering 'have to make the first year brutal' sentiments out there by lawyers/professors. will report back!
  10. AlmostAGhost

    Musical Mondays Week 89 Rock, Rock, Rock

    First year in law school is the trying, difficult one. For various reasons. But it generally gets easier from there. (I'm a lawyer.) I've been meaning to watch Paper Chase sometime, I'll try to do that this week!
  11. AlmostAGhost

    Easy Rider

    Yea, I scanned briefly some reactions in the FB group and I saw a lot that were like 'I don't like it, but I get it's very important and should be on the list' conclusions. I'm sort of the opposite. I do really enjoy it, but I don't think it should be on the list. I agree with @sycasey 2.0 that it maybe lacks in filmmaking/storytelling. But I still really enjoy taking that ride with them and I think it did land on something, even if it's restrained to just a very specific moment in time. That's just my personal reaction, I haven't listened to the ep yet so will hold on to more thoughts until I do.
  12. AlmostAGhost

    Canceled LA Show

    Harry Blackstone lived in my hometown! (Where I am currently self-isolating too.) His daughter was a year or two behind me in high school.
  13. AlmostAGhost

    Canceled LA Show

    Just got an email that this has been postponed again, no date specified yet. Will this show EVER happen?
  14. AlmostAGhost

    Musical Mondays Week 89 Rock, Rock, Rock

    I was stoked to see Johnny Burnette. Another one of his train songs went on to be covered by The Yardbirds and when Jimmy Page left that group and started up Led Zeppelin, they'd also cover it in the early days before they had enough songs to do. Legend is, it's actually the song the four Zep guys played when they first got in a room to meet. Yardbirds version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0y078n95ApAhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0y078n95ApA Zep:
  15. AlmostAGhost

    Musical Mondays Week 89 Rock, Rock, Rock

    We got four more to watch!
  16. AlmostAGhost

    Musical Mondays Week 89 Rock, Rock, Rock

    Yea that number was wild and bad. I wonder how it got stuck in there. Generally though, the music was pretty solid all the way through, I thought. Diverse stuff too, not all just early rock.
  17. AlmostAGhost

    Musical Mondays Week 89 Rock, Rock, Rock

    I think you could show this to your kids as homeschooling, so they learn all about finances
  18. AlmostAGhost

    Episode 236.5 — Prequel to Episode 237

    I went to the show too. I've also listened to the ep on Stitcher. But it's been so long, it still feels like a fresh episode for me haha
  19. my votes Charlie's Angels 1/2 Jupiter Ascending Popeye
  20. AlmostAGhost

    HDTGM Quarantine-palooza! (Online Playlists and Mixtapes)

    that Aldous Harding record is really cool. i wasn't into her first one, but last year's was a knock-out. such a strange and beautiful writer.
  21. AlmostAGhost

    Sullivan's Travels

    Just some random thoughts as I listened to this on my daily self isolation walk: I was on the bubble, but listening to Paul & Amy, I voted no. Their discussion was too inside-Hollywood, and I think the film being there hurts it. I tend to a bias against movies about movies, but I think this film is a good example why. It's distances me from relating to the point, puts up a slight barrier there for me. I think Paul & Amy said that you're instantly against Sullivan, but I didn't view it that way. I thought we were on his side throughout. Maybe I took it wrong. But this is one of the complicated aspects of the film that I really liked. Also, I'm not clueless about old movies, but I'm certainly no deep expert. But all these other Sturges movies that Paul & Amy bring up... I've never heard of any of them. Are any of them really in the zeitgeist as Sullivan's Travels is? I don't see how you can replace this with another Sturges for the list, if he must be on there. Are people really watching Coen Brothers movies and going "oh well it's fine"?
  22. gonna have to rewatch Rockula
  23. it's on the youtube
  24. OK I finally found something that might be fun Let's rock