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    22 Stories from Springfield seems like it may have been influenced too
  2. Is this gonna be another Rockula situation: one that demands HDTGM to cover it?
  3. I feel sort of convinced by both sides of the debate, and found this episode a blast to listen to. On the other hand, somehow, the two sides of the debate as presented have made me like the movie even less than I already did.
  4. AlmostAGhost

    Bringing Up Baby

    As I said on my Letterboxd, it reminds me of the absurd improv podcasts I listen to all the time. "What's a one-word phrase and a movie style?" "'Leopard' and romantic comedy". It's an Improv4Humans sketch and I'm here for it! I'm charmed by this movie. I like Hepburn's annoyingness, it makes me laugh a lot. I will probably watch it many more times over the course of my life (last night was my 2nd viewing). But.. I voted no. I just don't get how or why the AFI gravitated to it. (It didn't win Oscars, didn't make good money, and had pleasant but not great reviews. What were voters basing this on?) Most of the comedies Paul mentioned, I wouldn't put ahead of this one, tbh, but I do think there are a ton of comedies I'd place over it. This one was amusing but I just don't think it quite had the comedic craft of the best ones of all-time (we've seen that craft in City Lights and Duck Soup, for example). What I think the discussion here comes down to is, it's hard to judge comedies on this sort of historical level. "How much you laugh" should be the ultimate guide for a comedy, but that's too different for everyone, and ignores most other clues of what makes good cinema. But then if you judge stuff like this like you would a more important drama, it falls apart for lack of logic or weird acting.
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    HDTGM Classics Pluto Nash 7/12

    What movie is next up?
  6. AlmostAGhost

    Musical Mondays Week 70 Eddie and the Cruisers

    Oh haha, i just woke up so I didn't catch on
  7. AlmostAGhost

    Musical Mondays Week 70 Eddie and the Cruisers

    Hmm that seems unlikely to me - you don't usually know songs until they come out. But maybe Bruce played some of them live first. Still what I meant was, they basically told his story before he became a megastar, which is interesting.
  8. AlmostAGhost

    Musical Mondays Week 70 Eddie and the Cruisers

    Also maybe it's worth pointing out, this movie came out a year before Born In The USA made Bruce a super-mega-star. Obviously, he was still pretty big with "Born To Run" and stuff, but "Glory Days" and all the singles from USA came out after this movie.
  9. AlmostAGhost

    Musical Mondays Week 70 Eddie and the Cruisers

    Yea that's odd. Berenger should have been seen as the great lost musician! He was the Brian Wilson of this group. Even though they were all dead rips of Bruce and nowhere near what anything in 1964 would've sounded like, the music was pretty great.
  10. AlmostAGhost

    Musical Mondays Week 70 Eddie and the Cruisers

    The point seems to have been to steal everything from Bruce Springsteen
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    Episode 218.5 - Minisode 218.5

    I don't mind the bit too much, but I can't wrap my head around the endgame of it. What's the point? Just incessant repetition? Is that the comedy of it? *shrug* Paul's amused by it, so I guess that's enough though. Shouldn't be any legal issues with giving away the discs, or re-selling. IP law lets you do that. There's more IP issues going on in their t-shirt store anyway, lol.
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    Upcoming Episodes

    Current schedule for August! 8/1 - Bringing Up Baby 8/8 - Nashville 8/15 - The Maltese Falcon 8/22 - The Philadelphia Story Hepburn month, oh yea!
  13. AlmostAGhost

    Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

    I finally got the time to finish the episode. As said earlier, I found this movie tough. I like it and enjoyed it, but have this feeling that most of what I respond to is present in the play -- and not particularly as a piece of cinema. I like having Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton on the list though, and I think for that I'll stick with my 'yes' vote (also I like having Nichols on there, and I don't like The Graduate). Also I took this film fairly straightforwardly. Paul brought up a lot of ideas weaved throughout this story, but I found I just watched it simply -- it's two couples and some secrets on a drunken night. George and Martha as the parents of America? I dunno. I love reading into art but for this one, I kept it clear and didn't really consider it a 'comment' on anything at all. *shrug* Maybe I missed the point, but I felt pretty good about it this way.
  14. AlmostAGhost

    Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

    Yea... I voted yes, but I'm not so sure and mostly agree with @sycasey 2.0. I actually do like it a lot, and a ton more than The Graduate, but I'm still not sure about it being on the 'greatest of all time' list. That makes it one of the tougher votes for me. Haven't finished the ep, though, maybe Paul and Amy will convince me one way or another.
  15. AlmostAGhost

    Musical Mondays Week 69 High Society

    I liked some of the music and Grace Kelly but mostly found this film a little dreary. I feel like I've already forgotten it and I finished it like 10 minutes ago.
  16. AlmostAGhost

    Upcoming Episodes

    It appears from Paul's twitter that Pulp Fiction will be sliding in there next week before Bringing Up Baby 7/18 - Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? 7/25 - Pulp Fiction 8/1 - Bringing Up Baby
  17. Well if last night was any indication, I'll be up really early tomorrow again with nothing to do but watch films in the dark. How quick I get to it though depends on how quick I get through Gone With The Wind. Yea, that Goofy made me smile... it was in this really great bookstore that my brother and I were poking around in. They had a ton of Disney items/comics/drawings for some reason.
  18. I'm back from my trip! If anyone wants to see pix of my Norway trip, follow or check out my instagram here - i nightly posted a small set of shots from that day's travels/hikes in the Norwegian wilderness/etc. https://www.instagram.com/almostaghost/ Anyway, this movie looks like a good one to get back in on, I'm excited for this cast. I'll try to fit it in on my jetlag in the next couple of days!
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    Episode 216.5 - Minisode 216.5

  20. AlmostAGhost

    Do The Right Thing

    I'll say it, then. I think it was the right thing. Or more accurately, I don't think it was misdirected, nor pointless. I get the argument that it wasn't proportional, and that's probably true, but Sal was the power there for them to fight - a white business owner who yells at the kids, uses slurs, has a badly racist son, and thinks he is in charge just because he's been feeding everyone the longest. I mean, I guess they could've gone over to Trump Tower and burned that down instead. But the store's crime wasn't murder, it was arrogant whiteness (further symbolized by it's Wall Of Fame). That's what "Fight The Power" is about, and that's what Do The Right Thing is about. It's not about fighting authority, it's about fighting abuse of or misappropriated power. That's the self-defense that, for me, meets Malcolm X's quote. I love the discussions inherent in this movie--it's truly thought-provoking from every angle.
  21. AlmostAGhost

    Do The Right Thing

    I'd counter that violence in the face of racism, even if directed at a store, is self-defense.
  22. AlmostAGhost

    Do The Right Thing

  23. AlmostAGhost

    Do The Right Thing

    Whoa Spike Lee is the guest?!
  24. AlmostAGhost

    Upcoming Episodes

    #1 film of all-time?