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  1. HOLY GUACAMOLE! Hey, Mr. Earwolf sir, can D'arcy become a regular now? She was great on her recent Improv4Humans episode too
  2. AlmostAGhost

    Episode 16 - Jamie Denbo - Spotlight On: Mrs. Patti Raper

    So I guess we need to start a twitter hashtag to convince DiGiorno to make Marissa their spokesperson? #digiornowompitup
  3. Saw Dawes live a few years back at Coachella, they're a great band! Excited to hear this one.
  4. The best thing about this is now Blauren Lapkus is canon
  5. AlmostAGhost

    EPISODE 217 — A i4h Christmas Carol

    Also, Ele Woods, please do get Chuck D or The Dead Weather* on I4H, they would be incredible *or at least just Alison Mosshart, my favorite current rock star
  6. AlmostAGhost

    EPISODE 217 — A i4h Christmas Carol

    So Armen's been on I4H twice and we get Whiplash and this? That's quite a batting average!
  7. Spontaneation is such a great format for Andy Daly! Hope he can come in and play on some studio eps sometime
  8. Really enjoyed this one! Looks like Lauren recorded the last 3 eps all on one epic day! Will this week's be from then too? Also it's December..... we need some HoHo soon, BLAH
  9. he's a real person http://www.haynesboone.com/people/p/powers-timothy
  10. AlmostAGhost

    EPISODE 213 — Dramatic Tornado

    Not that anyone likely needs or wants to know, but I started I4H 4-5 months back and went through all the eps and this show is where I caught up! More specifically to this episode, I enjoyed the use of an actual live interview with someone as scene inspirations. I saw it as much more than just 'comedy advice from working comedians.'
  11. AlmostAGhost

    WSGLL Best Of Year One

    I am going to put together a list, but before I do, I want to add that I refuse to face the fact that there will come a time when LL is too busy to create podcast content
  12. AlmostAGhost

    EPISODE 385 — The Beatles of Cults

    As Regina's manager, please send performance royalties to me via PM, thanks in advance, Big Sue
  13. <3 already dug through these eps on Howl, and can't wait for more! (if there are to be any)
  14. AlmostAGhost

    EPISODE 31 - Wine Tasting

    I haven't got to the improvisation part yet, but wanted to say Bruce was hilarious and I hope he comes back on the show... he works great with PFT! Also these are recorded way in advance, yes? How did he predict that Baby Hitler would become a little internet thing last week? Haha (Also Janet laughing in the background is always the bestest)
  15. Yea, I wanted to echo PFT... thanks for the video. I've been reading a lot lately about how people are listening to unscientific non-experts (e.g., The Food Babe, etc.) on issues that require expertise and science (nutrition, GMOs, vaccines, etc.). It's problematic, and not a little bizarre. Glad a scientist commented, we need more actual experts to listen to on these things.
  16. in case anyone is curious http://venthavenmuseum.com/
  17. I enjoyed Lauren's excorciating takedown of Jeopardy
  18. AlmostAGhost

    EPISODE 379 — Realies and Fictionals

    Loved Scott's throwaway line about Spectre also starring Inspectah Deck also Cutie Cake cracked me up
  19. Wild Horses podcasts are the best (Hi Wild Horses, please make more of The Perspective podcast for us!)
  20. Digging this one, it has a different energy than lots of WSGLLs but still works
  21. AlmostAGhost

    EPISODE 377 — Good Night In The Morning

    Someone get PFT and LL a TV show asap plz
  22. AlmostAGhost

    EPISODE 376 — Romantic Tommy D

    Excited that Claudia is back... remember her Kim Cattrall impression? That still makes me laugh just thinking about it. Gonna start this now!
  23. Dabney is hilarious lol
  24. Yea, I see it in iTunes app, but since I got and paid for the Howl app, I've been Earwolfing with that and it's not there yet (for me?) as of right now, Friday afternoon. I'm sure it will show up eventually, but if any powers-that-be see this, something seems to have slipped up!