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  1. 34 minutes ago, ol' eddy wrecks said:

    The word itself isn't inherently bad, but the white supremist group who killed some cops during the BLM protests as part of a plan to start a race war - that operation (or, I think it's supposed to be their code-word for their long standing, overall goal) got named after that sequel (at least AFAIK). Bonkers, right?

    Anyhow, I was just guessing it's probably a little too soon to be casually doing reference jokes to it right now. A less extreme form of Archer had its spy agency named ISIS.

    I hadn't heard about that at all. Let's just say I'm reclaiming it back!

  2. 33 minutes ago, ol' eddy wrecks said:

    I guess they'll want to rename that boogaloo part now, with the white supremist trying to start a race war and such. 

    Oh, that was just me referencing the greatest sequel of all-time, not official. Didn't know it was a bad word now, sorry all

  3. 52 minutes ago, bleary said:

    So after finally hitting all five Spielberg films on the list, what are everyone's thoughts?  How many Spielbergs does the list need, and which ones?

    Personally, I could live with only keeping JawsSchindler's List, and Raiders of the Lost Ark.  If I had to add another, it would probably be Close Encounters of the Third Kind rather than E.T.Saving Private Ryan, or Jurassic Park.

    I think I agree with that, though I side with Paul & Amy with Jurassic Park over Jaws. JP, SL and Raiders would be my choices. Close Encounters is my favorite Spielberg probably, though, but I don't think it should be on the list over the others.


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  4. 27 minutes ago, GrahamS. said:

    I’ll watch this soon...I’ve returned to the Rona (my nickname for COVID)—induced loss of any sense of time or perhaps reality itself. What week is it? What year? Wait, we elected that guy? 

    Truly, since the school year has ended, time has lost all meaning. I have to check my phone to remember what the day/date is. Speaking of which, I’ll do that now!

    That's what Musical Mondays and Unspooled Thursdays and HDTGM Fridays are for. Otherwise, I'd have no clue either.

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  5. I loved this, it was very entertaining! The music is awesome. Some of the sets and things maybe lean too weird-as-fuck, but I don't mind that at all. I'm so glad I watched this!

    2 hours ago, Cam Bert said:

    I think Dorothy here has real weak motivations and not a real arc.

    Hm one of the main critiques of the original is the whole is message is "there's no place like home" which makes little sense after visiting a magical wonderland like Oz. Here, it makes a bit more sense because Dorothy is such a homebody introvert. 

    But that said, Diana Ross isn't very good in this; she's the weak point in this movie if you ask me. Which sucks because out of everyone in the film, she's the one I'm a big fan of. She doesn't get the arc or motivation across well. 

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  6. 9 minutes ago, Cameron H. said:

    Trollhunters is fantastic! Make sure you watch 3 Below afterwards. It’s set in the same universe. There’s supposed to be a third part called Wizards coming out this summer. 

    Oh ya I'm planning to, my nieces filled me in on it all! I'm still in the season 1, just 20 eps in, so I have a ways to go. The set-up reminds me of Buffy in a way, which helped me connect to it pretty quick.

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  7. 6 minutes ago, DannytheWall said:

    Tho that line of thinking makes me wonder how much is it a coming of age kind of story for Ellie.

    Yea I think that makes sense as a way to look at it, especially with the ending being her realization she has to go do what she chooses, not what's expected. That's a pretty adult decision.

  8. I'm probably going to be one of the few No votes, so I'll offer my thought on it.

    Basically, I keep thinking about something Amy brought up earlier in the Unspooled series, about being blinded by the firsts. This is an early rom-com, early Capra, early screwball comedy. But I think there are better rom-coms, and better Capras, and better screwball comedies. This movie is textbook influential, for sure, but I'm not sold on it being textbook 'great'.

  9. 2 hours ago, Cameron H. said:

    Have you guys listened to the new Bob Dylan album yet? I’m really liking it so far.

    Just one time so far, but I love it yea. Reminds me of the "Things Have Changed" style of writing from him, which is my favorite. I think maybe a few songs drag a little for me, but for the most part, it's going to be fun to keep digging into it. 

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  10. 3 hours ago, Cameron H. said:

    They touched on it in the episode, but one of the moments I really enjoyed was when Shelly Kong’s husband says he recognized that “Lobo” was foreign because of his BO. What I particularly loved was the thought that a badass, illegal immigrant biker would be just cruising around town in a tourist t-shirt from his home country.

    I mean, he needs something to back-up his claim to be from New Zealand. It certainly wasn't his accent.

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  11. The final four!

    6/25 It Happened One Night
    7/1 Jaws
    7/8 Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
    7/15 Casablanca

    After that, we get Unspooled 2: Electric Boogaloo! Stay tuned to see what that means.

    I think what we know so far: it isn't list-based, but there's a lot of movies to watch for it.

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  12. Yea I loved this movie so much. So much.

    I love that all the bits are about food & shelter, it makes this more than just a comment on modernization. It's about the basics. Life! And love, too. Existence. 

    I have this top-7 and as I keep thinking about the list, as we get to the end here, it may go higher.

  13. 16 minutes ago, grudlian. said:

    I came away from this movie not actually knowing any more about Fanny Brice than I did going into it. That's about as bad a thing as one can say about a biographical film. I get the feeling it's not even particularly accurate to her personality (but that's pure speculation).

    Yea, this. My big question is actually, she seems pretty mediocre, right? I didn't quite get how she succeeded. She had characters and stuff? 

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