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  1. I prefer this to Jaws myself. It's not fighting a shark, it's survival. I prefer that immensely and think it opens up many more levels. I get that Jaws was the first, but I think JP has more to it - deeper levels like ethical quandaries. I also think it's scarier, tbh. I know Jaws is like a prototype scary blockbuster but I don't find sharks scary; hyper-intelligent mean dinosaurs though? *shivers* I'm not sure if JP is the best blockbuster or not, but if there has to be a Spielberg blockbuster, I'm picking Jurassic Park.

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  2. Yea I agree with that. Early on, Amy uses the word 'grandeur' as what's missing and I think that's right. If it just had a bit more grandeur, maybe, but I can't otherwise get it anywhere near the top 100. Also I think there's something to the fact that Paul & Amy seem to be talking about everything but the movie -- it's all about the nerd culture or the meta nature of an actor playing an actor or things like that. 


  3. Space movie #2 for next week is Galaxy Quest

    every pick is I guess by the fans this series and we won't know more than a week in advance

    if people want to get ahead, Paul did post two insta polls on his and the unspooled insta stories:

    Right Stuff or Apollo 13? [Apollo 13 is winning pretty easily]

    Starship Troopers or Alien [Alien is winning by a lot too]

  4. i took that to mean how Paul is usually the one to watch like one movie a million times over and over, and Amy is more likely to watch a million movies.

    here it was reversed, Paul watched League once in the past and Amy's seen it over and over.



  5. Yea I haven't listened to the ep yet, but I have to vote no. It's definitely a fun movie and really good story, but I feel like it's told in the cheesiest ways possible; so much so that it actually hurts the story being told. I reckon the upcoming tv show about it will feel more important.

  6. It's weird, Paul & Amy seem to not like the movie so much, but the way they talk about it are all the things that are great about it. Meditative, tampered-down drama, not explosive, British stoicness. Those things are why it works, and feels different.

  7. i have no idea how to vote. i thought it was a terrific film, looks good, poetic, unique use of music, important to British culture. but it is also a little boring, right? i rated it highly as a film for my own purposes, but not sure about for the Unspooled Spaceship. stumped on that. i guess i should listen to the episode.

  8. Yea, it's definitely enjoyable, but I don't think it has the quality necessary for the rocket. I found the team to be a faceless, personality-less team. It would've been a lot more fun if the team was real characters too! I'm not even sure I was rooting for them, to be honest. Also why was everyone in the town so mean? Not just like 'roll their eyes behind the new guy's back' but flat-up rude and awful. There is some subtle stuff as Sycasey mentioned, but I really can't put this up as one the 'best' sports movies. 

  9. I actually really loved the movie, but the ending with the trial and the "your guilty in your heart" nonsense knocked this out of the spaceship for me. I didn't hate the ending, but I thought it was iffy enough to not be considered for the aliens.

  10. Yea that's why I voted yes. I do love it and it is such a current milestone. I agree with Paul & Amy that it's mostly just the writing. Cinematically, it's pretty light and almost too "typical" (ie. the music, etc.). But the cast and the script carry it very far beyond that.


  11. 28 minutes ago, GrahamS. said:

    Ok, I think that’s the Discord that I saw because he sent it out via text or something, and is what I was basing my reaction upon.

    yea. we don't want to try to steal Paul's community there. if people want to chat about politics or the NBA or whatever, he's got a big Discord and places to do that. we'll have a few extra channels for side convos, but mostly we're sticking to awful movies. (and we have set up spots for our HDTGM watchalongs and Musical Mondays).

    that should keep it better focused and more forum-like, I think.

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  12. 2 hours ago, GrahamS. said:

    Off-topic:RE: moving to Discord—how exactly is that going to work? I’ve looked at it and was pretty overwhelmed, If I’m being honest. No offense meant to the people who’ve worked on it, but it seems like huge numbers of people commenting in a variety of ways within several specific-yet-generalized categories (chat under HDTGM, for example, seems like it will be difficult to follow if you want to talk about specific movies/episodes because there’s so much going on). Maybe it’s because I’m 46, but I’m a little bummed that it feels so..complicated. and I’m concerned that the close-knit feel of the forum will get lost in the internet vacuum. That concern may be totally unfounded, but I’m basing it off my initial reaction to Discord.

     But I’m not against change, so I guess I’ll see. 🙂🤔

    It is something we the mods are constantly discussing, and will be flexible and take any suggestions into account.

    We are going to use a few focused channels, especially for 'current' episodes. Every two weeks, we'll sort of 'clear it' in a way. If you want to talk about older movies/episodes, there's other channels for that to happen. People don't post Corrections & Omissions for old episodes anyway, so I don't anticipate too much cross-talk there. And really how often to people bump up really old threads here? We all stay fairly well-focused on the most recent eps.

    We'll have to see how the chatting develops though (and also consider how it is useful for Paul and crew) and be willing to adjust on the fly. 

    I've been in some big Discords and discussions happen all the time and quicker. My biggest worry is it may be a little harder to write longer thought-out posts for Corrections & Omissions but we're confident it will end up there as we all get used to it. We are doing our best to set it all up like a forum, so to make the transition easier.

    Also, the big Discords I'm in have much more close-knit connections. We can chat a little more than we do here. Like, I don't know where almost any of you live, yet I chat with all of you all the time. We can converse now in Discord! That said, this is a pretty much purely a HDTGM Discord. I don't anticipate it being as broad as other groups, like Paul's own Discord.

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  13. Here's the next series called #CoupleGoals

    1/14 - When Harry Met Sally

    1/21 - Chungking Express

    1/28 - Groundhog Day

    2/4 - A Place In The Sun

    2/11 - Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

    2/18 - Love & Basketball

    2/25 - Brokeback Mountain

    3/4 - fan choice #unsmooched

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  14. Yea, if we want to share links, joke around, share what we're watching, be like 'hey good morning friends!', post a meme, etc. Discord is pretty fun! And very bonding. I'm in one for another pod and the channels are always having great conversation. We've also started helping each other with fitness, and there's book clubs, fantasy sports leagues, and all sorts of community things rising out of it. I haven't tried the streaming watchalong things on there yet.

    (To note, I have not once posted in Paul's, but I have glanced around it. Maybe it will get there. I believe it requires heavy moderation.)

    That's why I test-started one for Musical Mondays, just so maybe we can keep in touch better (and on wider topics). (I'm fine with it not catching on though lol.)

    Anyway, I don't think the two things should be at odds. In fact, they should and could work together. 


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