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  1. It did change to Do The Right Thing next week, I confirmed it on twitter

    6/27 - Do The Right Thing (see tweet below; it's being re-released)

    7/4 - The Deer Hunter (hmm about this being on the Fourth Of July)


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  2. Honestly, I thought this movie was as bad as the HDTGM movies we watch. The two leads occasionally had some charisma (they are pop stars irl) but mostly everyone just talked quietly and slowly like they weren't interested in anything. The direction was weird, I thought, with the camera floating all over and around their heads and stuff. A lot of scenes were irrelevant and pointless. The script was generic and bland. I found it truly a chore to get through.

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  3. I wanted to expand on me calling it 'superficial' as I keep pondering that. I think my main issue is all these points that they mention on the pod -- homosexuality, his mother, self-identity, earlier trauma, being raised by TV, even Vietnam I guess -- are raised so minutely in the film that I feel like it's just all on the surface. I take this movie as very straightforward almost, which maybe is at odds with its rep or intent. I see it as just about a guy with some sort of misguided dream, who meets another guy with a similar misguided dream.

    *edit to note that sycasey simulposted a similar explanation. :)

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  4. Yea Amy is helping me a little with one too.

    I still find the film fairly superficial and think it doesn’t say all that much, really, beyond extreme hopelessness (which maybe is enough). It definitely a movie I’m finding I can’t stop thinking about though.

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  5. 4 hours ago, Cameron H. said:

    don’t feel like Nina was being egotistical. She was finding strength and comfort and wanted to share that with her audience. She wasn’t comparing herself to Sita any more than I compare myself to Frodo when I read Lord of the Rings. You don’t have to literally carry a ring to a necromancer’s evil volcano to relate to the feeling of being forced to carry a burden. It only matters how we interpret the message for ourselves and apply it to our own lives. And if it grants us some measure of solace or wisdom or whatever then that’s absolutely valid. 

    That's true to some extent, I can see the lack of ego point. The difference to me though is that she isn't just reading the Ramayana, like most of us would Lord of the Rings, she's putting herself straight into a retelling. Or at the very least, she's making a movie about reading the Ramayana, I guess -- which is a far weaker dramatic framing than just retelling the Ramayana. That's how her storyline warps the film slightly for me.

    I do think that was a big flaw, but I say 'slightly', as I still liked the film a lot, I'll add. It was fun; as fun as a "break-up movie" could be, I guess! lol

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  6. Yea, I said something similar on Letterboxd. Putting herself into it felt really weird to me, and the way she told that part was really basic with no insight or anything. If you were to just tell the Ramayana story with old jazz blues, that would have been just fine, just as creative and original, and probably even more effective of a tale of break-up and timeless emotions. 

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  7. I'd assume Paul & Amy, because of their jobs, have gigantic TV screens.

    But either way, me, I watch most all of these on my phone. It's fine. It's how I watch things now. I still liked 2001 and Vertigo an awful lot and my experience isn't lessened with the films. In fact, I find it more absorbing to be that close to it.

    If a film can't accurately depict its scale without literally being big, I dunno, is that good?

    Watch them how you watch them. It's 2019. I will defend viewings in this way!

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  8. 9 minutes ago, grudlian. said:


    If you're into mood over plot, I wholeheartedly recommend Wong Kar Wai movies. In The Mood For Love in particular, but Days Of Being Wild and Chungking Express are both fantastic as well.

    Cool I will

    I've been thinking about this all some more. I wanted to add, there's certainly a class of movies that are too much mood. There still needs to be some sort of coherence behind it, I think.

    But yea rhythm is a good way to think of it, I like that. I told this story during 2001, because somehow we had gotten on to James Joyce. But my brother was a minor Joyce scholar, and I always remember him saying to people who struggle reading Ulysses as "too hard": "just read it." It's not necessary to follow every paragraph. It's not necessary to get bogged down in not knowing every reference. Just let it wash over you and keep going and you should fall into its rhythm. And when you do, it's worth it. It's a book to experience.

    I do agree that Vertigo maybe isn't quite that level (though I believe 2001 is). There is a story here and it's pretty interesting and it's not nearly as ambiguous as 2001; the point isn't to ignore that. But I think it's a film about Ferguson's mental state, above all. And it sure does succeed in getting that across.

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  9. I'm realizing this is my favoritest type of movie: the one less concerned with concrete plot mechanics and more with a cinematic emotional experience. This goes for stuff on the list (2001, say) and not (e.g., a Rushmore which is more of a mood piece than people realize). They don't have to be sad emotion, just mood emotion, films you let wash over you as an experience. I'm left wondering about a lot after seeing Vertigo for the first time since 1996, sure, but that's what the best movies do - stick in your brain and make you work for it. Amy said something like she was 'willing herself to find reasons to like it' and it sounded like a knock, a bit of an insult, but for me, that's what I want a movie to make me do: to search for its center, and its greatness. Greatness doesn't have to be evident to everyone immediately, and just maybe... it shouldn't either. This is how I feel more connected to these top-of-the-list movies - they are true experiential pieces of art and not just 'a cool story I'm watching.'

    The ones that hit me like this will be in my top-10 in 50 weeks. I do shuffle my list around a bit all the time as I continue to think, but I feel safe in saying these moodier pieces like Vertigo and 2001 will still be there then.

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  10. 5/30 - "50 EPISODES SPECIAL"

    Me, I'm prob gonna use this week to rewatch a 1 or 2 of the early ones we did, or maybe some that my reaction to was less than the show's or you all's and see if I still feel the same.