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  1. 1 hour ago, ol' eddy wrecks said:

    What are the other nine?

    Oh I dunno, that was mostly just a way to express how much I like it haha.

    Let me think though

    I won't include AFI movies because I'm still processing or reprocessing those with Unspooled but a few would be certainly be here (prob. 2001, Lord of the Rings, Do The Right Thing, Double Indemnity, Vertigo).

    Also just one per director or else this could easily be all Coen Brothers and Wes Anderson movies. Also including foreign stuff. Something like this (not in order).

    Inside Llewyn Davis
    Bicycle Thieves
    Killer Of Sheep
    Pee-Wee's Big Adventure
    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
    This Is Spinal Tap
    Top Secret!


  2. 46 minutes ago, tomspanks said:

    Coincidence that one of the producers had the same last name as the lead actress? 🙊

    Anyway, the actress is now some kind of herpetologist or snake enthusiast on Instagram. Cool pics though.

    If you look on wikipedia, all the actors are like related to each other:


    Lucas Grabeel as Dylan Knight

    Drew Seeley as Trey Sylvania

    Adrian Slade as Sara Lane

    Amy Paffrath (Drew Seeley's wife[3]) as Luna Dark

    Sally Slade (Adrian Slade's sister) as Sally Sucker

    Katie Seeley (Drew Seeley's sister) as Lydia Bloodworth

    Mike Slade (Adrian Slade's father) as Dr. Payne

    Autumn Grabeel (Lucas Grabeel's sister) as Penny Plasma

    Emily Morris (Lucas Gabreel's girlfriend) as Desiree Damned

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  3. I do think the scene on the boat where Mr. Shell Oil lies about his ability to get aroused in order to get Sugar to make out with him to be shady and inappropriate. And all the groping and lies in the form of 'romance'. That's the stuff that sort of dated this film out for me. I couldn't quite get it up on that ultimate pedestal.

    But I'm not trying to argue any views down though; generally my take is similar to Paul's. It's a fine movie, but there's so much better.

    But I'll add, I loved this episode itself. Learning the history of Monroe and most importantly, tying it to her work, was great. If Unspooled ends, Amy should do more of that. I'd be happy to have Amy guide us through an actor or director's filmography, mixing in their bios and putting everything in context from a modern perspective.


    (I haven't listened to Lovage in years, gonna dig that out! I love Dan the Automator.)


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  4. 38 minutes ago, grudlian. said:

    How many people said Give My Regards To Broad Street should be on the AFI list?

    Definitely not Amy. She was mocking it and the clip she chose was pretty bad haha

    Oh they also talked a bit about the upcoming Let It Be re-release which sounds like it will be great to me


  5. 56 minutes ago, Cameron H. said:

    Did they discuss How I Won the War? I’ve always wanted to watch it, but I think it’s out of print (at least, I’ve never seen it available anywhere). I would love to see a transitional Lennon in his only solo film.

    They did, yea. They played a clip of a scene with Lennon from it and talked about it shortly. 

    Then they showed a bunch of clips of people playing John Lennon in films since he didn’t act as much as the others. 

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  6. This was a fun show, though there were so many clips it felt at times a little superficial, esp. compared to the usual in-depth Unspooled experience (and the first live show too). But obviously the Beatles clips were a blast. They basically talked through The Beatles main movies first, with Will Hines joining for most all of it. They all did sort of think A Hard Day's Night should be on the AFI list, its British-ness be damned. lol

    They then looked through the solo movies each of The Beatles have done, and the consensus seems to be that Ringo is the best actor of them all. This was my favorite part of the show, seeing all the obscure stuff Ringo and Paul had done.

    Next Jake Fogelnest joined them to discuss through the Sgt. Pepper's movie and show some clips of that. They were going to go into The Rutles too, I think, but basically seem to have run out of time.

    To close, Amy (and Randy Newman) had rewritten the lyrics to "Yesterday" to be about the AFI list and we all sang it.

  7. also #RIP Ric Ocasek

    "White Cops on Dope": Only available on the motion picture soundtrack and DVD bonus features. The song is a musical parody of the Tubes' "White Punks on Dope", and is based on the trend of rappers working with rock bands (such as the Run-D.M.C./Aerosmith version of "Walk This Way") in an effort to cross over to mainstream audiences. Ric Ocasek of the Cars is featured on the track."

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  8. Ya, I saw it yesterday. I loved it so much. I knew nothing about it going into it besides Brad Pitt and space, and walked out in a daze of like 'whoa damn that was an experience.' Favorite movie of the year so far, easy.

  9. I don't really buy the Coen references, beyond the superficial. I think the aim of NXNW is much different than the aim of any Coen film. I'd love to see them on the list, but if we're talking replacing something similar, this isn't where I'd turn. (If I was in charge of the list, there'd be at least 5 or 6 Coen films, to be honest, so take my bias for what its worth.)

    I think the Bond/blockbuster/movie as escape/give the audience a lot of what they like in interesting ways is the point of NXNW. I think Paul mentioned similar, it's a blockbuster movie from before these existed - or they only existed as Gone With The Wind-style epics. Looking at the film that way, I think it should be on the list and stands out as a bit of a prototype. And in a good way! We've seen a few other prototypes where we were like, "well later films did this better."

    I do think the story is fairly uninteresting and not nearly as impressive as usual Hitchcock. But as a piece of entertainment, I think it's hard to beat it.

  10. I found this to be a surprisingly innovative piece of cinema. It reminded me of The Wire haha. I don't know if knowing all the history about Kazan and communism is necessary though, but I guess it does clarify some things.

    A few of our earlier movies, I lamented when some of them didn't have a mood or a good sense of location, and this has it in spades. When a movie does that well, I'm definitely going to be all in on it, and that's what happened here. I thought it was all very impressive.

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