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  1. Every time you do a piece on music especially hip hop, you come across with this comments that are completely wrong or unfounded. First, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is in cleveland because of the Historical Context of Alan Freed being considered the first major DJ to play "rock and Roll". Second, "they only induct white people", is completely off base. The first inducting class in 1986 consisted of 10 different artist: Chuck Berry, James Brown, Sam Cooke, Fats Domino, The Everly Brothers, Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, and Elvis, meaning 4/10 groups/artists inducted, contained white people. Three, the guests are admitting that they know nothing about the culture or the Bands being discussed. Is there any actual research done before you bring up these questions?

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  2. Jeff Jam, Rosenthal? IF you know nothing about the culture, do not talk about it.


    Peter Rosenberg said that Nicki was pop and no Hip hop, after she released starships. not that she was fake.


    The "jewish guy that know one talks about" is rick rubin, who is one of the most important hip hop producers, period, who gets talked about all the time.


    Everytime you bring up hip hop, you come across as racist and ignorant.

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  3. Please, never talk about Hip Hop again.



    EL-P was barely a blip on anyone's map outside of hardcore hip hop heads. If anything you could say that Killer Mike made El-P popular. Killer Mike has been a well known name in Hip Hop for 15 years. It was his album R.A.P. Music, that was entirely produced by El-P, that brought El-P out from the underground and into the forefront of the hip hop world.


    Oh, and how is "White Jewish Guys, love that shit and want to feel like they belong"? not a racist comment.


    This shit is bunk.

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