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    EPISODE 108 — Con Air LIVE!

    There would only be judgment if you had the Trisha Yearwood version.
  2. noketchup

    EPISODE 108 — Con Air LIVE!

    This movie always makes me think of the "How Do I Live" controversy that came with it. The song was originally wrote for and recorded by a 14 year old Leann Rimes. When the movie people heard the song they thought she sounded to young for the adult themes of the movie so they got Trisha Yearwood to record it. After the Trisha Yearwood version was released Leann Rimes' people heard it and released her version. So that meant that this one song was played on the radio and on TV with two different people singing it. Eventually BOTH versions of the song were nominated for a Grammy, which meant Rimes and Yearwood were competing against each other with the EXACT same song! Oddly enough neither song was on the Conair Soundtrack. *Disclaimer: When this movie was released I was in middle school and a big Leann Rimes fan so I found this whole thing very upsetting
  3. noketchup

    EPISODE 106.5 — Minisode 106.5

    I really enjoyed watching Deep Blue Sea so I was excited to watch Lake Placid. Boy was I wrong...this thing was a snooze fest! I also found Bridget Fonda's character to be one of the most annoying movie characters of all time. Maybe I missed something since I found myself checking out frequently while watching this but the only time her paleontology knowledge came up was when she looked at the tooth and declared it as prehistoric. Other than that all she did was scream, whine, complain, and insult people. I kept waiting for a Jurassic Park moment when she would say something like "Research shows that Prehistoric Crocodiles had a strict diet of cows and bread" and then cut to them using this knowledge. Nope instead she just screamed and insulted the "horrible" state of Maine(?).
  4. noketchup

    EPISODE 105.5 — MINISODE 105.5

    I could not stop laughing the entire time LL Cool J was "acting" cold in the water. Has the man never been cold in his life? If you are shivering your whole body moves not just your lips! We kept replaying it over and over again!