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    Episode 210 - Erin Gibson, Our Close Friend Again

    The boys are back at it. They never cease to have me gigglin with their absurd situations (anyone remember Hayes spearing a grape?) and positions (comedy is ONLY surprise), and they've done it again. They've presented a comical world in which there are hordes of men (probably a high proportion of the total population) who sexually harass women, huddled around a 20 foot long scroll listing different bad situations. In this world it is assumed that criminals have no idea what they are doing is bad, and as such could be called a utopia, in which no murderer exists who has been told murder is wrong. Delightful! Hilarious satire boys, keep it up!
  2. That's right a good post there. What I was trying to point out connects with the ambiguity you've noted. What I find so brilliant about this episode in particular is that people from either side of the "issue" (for lack of a better term), can listen and come away feeling as if their position has been defended. Maybe this extends to an observation about political polarity, maybe it's simply comedy for laffing and laff's sake.
  3. I'm glad I was able to come to this show and hear the good ol' boys take the piss out of the segment of society who have become overnight doomcallers. They really made the whole perspective seem absurd, to the detriment of some i suppose. Oh wait.. I'm glad I was able to come to this show and hear the good ol' boys give voice to the hidden fear that we all have that our country is going to become a literal fascist hellhole. I certainly have this fear, and I'm glad the boys have this fear too. I mean the things they laid out as eventualities don't seem absurd, at least to me. Hold on...
  4. Chocolate Dookie

    EPISODE 354 — Solo Bolo: Dos Lo

    Speaking of which, someone (Scott) needs to confront Scott about hover-handing his own wife.
  5. Gooch seems oddly obsessed with Rodman. What's the deal?!