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    i wish i could use science for ladies!
  2. Honestly, even if Kozelek IS putting up just a persona1 that he plays into to get a rise out of the audience (one that isn't a satire of douchbag folk singer songwriters) what do you expect? A trophy and a hug from every paying audience member while they tell you what a brave thing you did on stage?
  3. B-b-but religion bad! Sun Kil Moon is a character, Tebow isn't! uh... equal opportunity offender!
  4. Nothing I want to hear less on a stacked episode like this than Matt telling people that they shouldn't feel a certain way. Nobody is going to jail over this, theres no persecution against Kozelek. People didn't like what he had to say and reacted accordingly. That we're even debating this is crazy, because this fucking wave of whiney comedians, musicians, etc. reacting against "the new dangerous censorship of the millenial generation" is really just a fear of not being able to say offensive shit without consequences. Also, if people get offended by what you say, isn't that what you fucking wanted? Stop bitching about it! I'm sick of entertainer crybabies, you're worse than the PC audience you shit on.
  5. I don't think I've ever heard a better song that doesn't exist. Anybody else think that somebody on the cast saw Blue Velvet recently? The whole "candy colored clown" part of the In Dreams song seemed to be what they were drawing from.
  7. Dumplings

    EPISODE 353 — Goodbye Reggie!

    James Corden suuuuuuuuuucks
  8. This guy is the reason most people shit on improv comedy. It's all cheap jokes and bad accents that don't build a scene or any characters, despite his profound bullshit spewing on his podcast. He doesn't build drama. He doesn't create comedy, either. The closest comparison I cand raw after seeing his work is that this guys is like if an intern from Who's Line is it Anyway decided to throw himself headfirst into long form with no experience after seeing Colin Mockery do a goofy flamboyant accent with Wayne Brady I saw better improv in the 101 college course I took freshman year. Its fucking atrocious. Honestly, I'm gonna harass this shitbag for all its worth.
  9. http://www.davidrazowsky.com/improvisacting/Videos.html wow, this guy might me one of the least funny people of all time
  10. Apes SHOULD fight if they have to. bring Besser the head of David Razowsky just google ADD comedy podcast
  11. Dumplings

    EPISODE 339 — LIVE from SXSW 2015

    I tend to let offensive shit go when it's at least wrapped in a joke.
  12. Dumplings

    EPISODE 339 — LIVE from SXSW 2015

    Harsh and unfair? That reminds me of a podcast I just listened to!
  13. Dumplings

    EPISODE 339 — LIVE from SXSW 2015

    Donda west died slowly and painfully rom heart disease brought on by medical malpractice days after a faulty operation on her face, not on the operating table during a boob job.
  14. Dumplings

    EPISODE 339 — LIVE from SXSW 2015

    Maybe if there were memorial shirts for donda west she would get more respect, but hey; we can't all be hosts of a phish podcast. Some people can't measure up to Harris, and certainly don't deserve any of the careful consideration put forth by the earwolf family so as not to offend people. Some people, like donda west, just have to be content with birthing amazing artists and being active participants in the fight for civil rights. I guess it WAS funny!