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  1. Definitely get the customer service woman as a full guest, as a musichead myself I'd love to hear Sean and Hayes gab with a real musichead
  2. I knew Groot wasn't dead. I'm really good at predicting where movies are going cause I've seen so many of them. The dilution of the Air Bud franchise by the Buddies series is disappointing. and I never got why after taking on baseball, soccer, football and basketball the next step was volleyball. Hockey would've made more sense in terms of popularity, and at least as much sense with respect to whether a dog actually could play the sport. maybe they worried putting a dog on ice skates would set off alarms at the AHA, but they didn't make him wear sneakers or cleats so he could've skated barepaw. A Midsummer Night's Dream is my favorite of Will's
  3. Often at family holidays my grandpa would slip away into his basement, then call for a young grandkid to come help him. when the kid followed his voice he'd kill the lights and leap out in a gorilla costume, chase the kid, then grab them and pretend to eat them. pranks...but no pranks.
  4. My main takeaway was movies should've built in naptime scenes a lot sooner. I can't count how many times I've seen characters go sleep in a movie and thought "great, time to close my eyes for a sec" only to wake up with the credits rolling. Scuzz and Dommer's movie sounds ideal, when they grab their nap I'll know I can nod off too and at the end of the 10 minutes a gentle iphone alarm (partial to Sencha but I'm open to anything) will go off and wake me up too so I can catch the rest. More writers need to do this
  5. Kinda a Hayes-head so it's unfortunate this would be my first ep on the forums, but this ScuzzMan has some beguilingly genial quality to him I gotta admit, even when he's taking a confrontational tone. While it's not really Hollywood Handman without Hayes, I enjoyed this. Fingers crossed Hayes and Lance Bass come back to Earth safely.