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  1. My sister got excited when she saw that Teen Witch is available on Netflix, and that got us talking about other bad movies that we loved when we were kids. After a very in depth discussion breaking down the amaze-balls choreography in Once Bitten, this little gem popped into my head. My Demon Lover, starring Scott Valentine, aka Nick Moore (aka Mallory's hot piece from Family Ties). I think we mostly watched this one again and again because we had huge crushes on him (because we knew him as Mallory's hot, dumb piece of man-meat), and he had a place of honor amongst our Bop and Teen Beat pinups. We also loved monster movies, so it was a win-win for us. It's seems like it's pretty easy to find too. $2.99 gets you a rental on Amazon and YouTube, so please, please, please look into doing this one. I think it would make for a really fun episode! Here's a link to the trailer: