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  1. guy22##2

    cum town

    sean mentioned cum town on the last ep, it is a bad podcast but better than every other podcast except HH and will become the best podcast after HH's final episode next week. PS - in the coming post handbook era also check out Episode One podcast, it will serve as a nice methadone to HH's heroin
  2. guy22##2

    Episode #89: BLAZING SADDLES

    lol amy has the most boring politics imaginable. "tim kaine is a cool dad" jesus. anyway great movie obviously blah blah blah
  3. guy22##2

    Chapo Trap House

    Ha! Ain't my podcast. But I do wonder sometimes if the hosts listen to HH. Wouldn't surprise me.
  4. guy22##2

    Chapo Trap House

    I don't normally see posts on here like this, so maybe I'm outta line, but I thought the Chapo Trap House podcast might appeal to some Handbook Heads. It reminds me a lot of HH but focused on politics instead of entertainment. Also, the hosts spend less time in character than Sean and Hayes (think Reality Show Show).
  5. not to mention Apu de Beaumarchais
  6. I don't know who any of those people are. PS: It's spelled "beetles"
  7. ^^promising what? PS: you mean "a while"
  8. guy22##2

    Calvin and Hobbes

    good stuff
  9. guy22##2

    Calvin and Hobbes

    I'm curious about this whole Calvin and Hobbes thing. What are they making reference to? I know it's a comic strip, but why is it a running gag on the show for them to talk about how much they like it? Is it really bad or something? I don't know much about it, I only kind of remember it from when I was a kid. Please forum, help me understand.
  10. guy22##2

    Why no more cards against humanity ads?

    where does he come up with this stuff?
  11. guy22##2

    Why no more cards against humanity ads?

    Then we are of one heart, one mind, one soul. I wish there was an "experiencing the fullest harmony of the universe" button
  12. guy22##2

    Why no more cards against humanity ads?

    If there were would you use it, or would you still feel the need to make a post to prove how much you don't care?
  13. Dear Sean and Hayes, why did stop letting CAH not buy ad-space on your show? Ok, I know that you guys, Sean in particular, were kind of frustrated that they only payed you to talk about their product on your show, instead of an advertisement. But I actually thought that was such a revolutionary idea! I'll admit I'm a little biased, I've been a massive fan of CAH for years. My friends and I just can't get enough of its totally edgy rando humor! Whenever the people I'm with want to play this game I just get so damn excited because sitting down and combining one rando phrase with another is just my idea of a good time NOT BORING. It's a funny game for funny people, and funny people only. And while some people might try and claim that the exact same results could be achieved by playing the game with a chimpanzee or maybe a small child who can't actually read yet, I to them I say that they're wrong. But the game's not just funny, it's really really edgy. I mean some of the stuff these guys come up with is just so sick and twisted that I'm like "Uh, maybe you guys need therapy, lol." Seriously though, this is just the sort of game that I could picture some of the comedy greats like George Carlin, and Lenny Bruce, and Richard Pryor just playing round after round of up in heaven. And maybe Hunter S. Thompson and Charles Bukowski are getting in there too, because only really cool people like that can really appreciate this game. Although the game does go a little bit to far sometimes. My friends and I almost had to stop playing because we were like "Uh, some of these cards are totally making fun of LGBTQ people, and that is unacceptable!" I mean, some of my friends are LGBTQ! I consider myself one too, actually. Some people say to me "You're an affluent white man who dresses entirely conventionally for his gender and dates solely women, where do you get off claiming to be a part of an oppressed minority?" And to them I say: get your damn facts straight! I'm pansexual, and I can prove it. EXHIBIT A: I once accidentally kissed a dude when I was drunk, and I only felt a little bit grossed out about it afterwards. EXHIBIT B: My friends once, through a combination of bribery and physical threats, convinced me to jerk off a stray dog. At first I was really grossed out by it, but I slowly began to have these...feelings. Now when I walk down the street and see a furry little creature I can't help but think about how it would feel to just grab the little thing by the scruff of its neck and just............................................................................. Sorry about that, I got a little off-track. My main point was that CAH had gone to far, and I assume that this is why you guys stopped accepting their money. But my friends and I got on twitter and raised a big stink, and lo and behold the CAH suddenly realized that they had been wrong to make fun of some of the people who buy their game, and that they should take the offensive cards out while keeping in the hilarious cards making fun of the people that DON'T really play CAH (like poor people, black people, and Jews that died in the Holocaust). I sure was relieved, I could finally start playing my favorite card game again! So guys, why no more non-ads from them? What's the deal?
  14. guy22##2

    Why is nobody doing this?

    You saying "bar" and "high" really makes me think of a vape bar. Aren't those just the raddest places ever? I really feel like in this modern era the vape bar has become the new bar. I mean who wouldn't want to just go chill with some sweet dudes and vape some sick, sick ganga? I think weed is pretty cool, but then I'm just a quirky and unique sort of guy I guess.