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    'CBB Best Of' March Madness Tournament Day 2

    I posted a couple nights ago about a March Madness tournament I started on Reddit for the best episodes of Comedy Bang Bang. You could only vote on Round 1 then, but now you can vote on Round 2 here or here. You can vote by listing your selections in the comments on Reddit, or you can reply to this thread with your choices.
  2. So over at the /r/Earwolf and /r/ComedyBangBang reddit pages, I'm doing to March Madness-style tournament for the best episodes of Comedy Bang Bang. 64 episodes are going against each other, and people vote on which episodes they think should win the matchups. Being fairly small subreddits, the tournament isn't getting as many votes as it could. More votes makes the results seem more legitimate. Plus it's more fun. So if you guys want to vote in this tournament, you can do so for Day 2 here or here. Or if you don't have a reddit account and don't care to make one, just reply to this thread with your winning picks. I'll post results tomorrow on the reddit pages as well as the matchups for Day 3.