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  1. Grand Moff Talkin'

    The Crow: Wicked Prayer (2005)

    I like to pretend this is a flashback episode of Angel where Angelus bullied and murdered a scrawny kid and he got his comeuppance from the kid’s vengeful ghost.
  2. Grand Moff Talkin'

    Purple Rain (1984)

    I recommend Under the Cherry Moon. I feel like it's in the HDTGM sweet spot. Purple Rain is so good and iconic. Graffiti Bridge is way too incoherent.
  3. Grand Moff Talkin'

    Den of Thieves (2018)

    Watch this on Showtime last night. It's bonkers. This is gritty David Ayers LAPD crime drama rip-off that I never knew I needed. Everyone's got weird facial hair and everyone is acting hungover and it has the most ridiculous automatic weapon gunfights in public.
  4. Grand Moff Talkin'

    Starcrash (1979)

    This is up next week. I watched about a half hour on Prime before I realized this would be much less awful watching the MST3K episode on Netflix.
  5. Grand Moff Talkin'

    The Poison Rose (2019)

    This movie is just debuted on Prime and it is a doozy. John Travolta must be still battling with Nicholas Cage after all these years since Face/Off because he's been out-Caging Cage by putting out bad movie after bad movie. Synopsis Travolta sports the worst hairpiece of his career as he unconvincingly plays a world weary, hard-drinking PI from LA who gets caught up in small town corruption in the south. Also in the film is Morgan Freeman, an overly botox'd Femke Janssen, Robert Patrick, Peter Stomare and an unrecognizable Brendan Fraser looks like Peter Griffin pretending to be a doctor while doing a lispy, Lindsay Graham accent. This movie is completely phoned in and is unsure of how campy it wants to be.
  6. Grand Moff Talkin'

    Fateful Findings Seattle Show

    Edited: figured it out
  7. Grand Moff Talkin'

    Ninja Assassin (2009)

    Just watched this on Netflix. Oh, boy. This is a stinker. I can't believe it's a major studio film. This is perfect HDTGM material, especially with two F&F franchise alum in minor roles #justiceforhan
  8. Grand Moff Talkin'

    The Relic (1997)

    His films are always so dark. He did The Musketeer starring a pre-Greys Anatomy Justin Chambers as d'Artagnan and his angle was to use Hong Kong style fight choreography shot in natural light but being pre-industrial everything is lit by candlelight or a torch. It's unwatchable.
  9. Grand Moff Talkin'

    Serenity (2019)

    They're doing this live soon.
  10. Grand Moff Talkin'

    Alita: Battle Angel (2019)

    Agreed on all your points. This movie is a mess. A beautiful, wonderful mess. So many Oscar winners saying so many inane things. A few more points: - Alita sheds a single tear and in a one move, gets her shit together, draws her sword and slices the tear in half. - The giant eyes are the only thing emoting in the entire movie to the point where you wish every character had them. - Cinema's lamest last-scene movie-star cameo since Kristen Stewart showed up at the end of Jumper. - Speaking of cameos, there's unexplained Jae Courtney, Michelle Rodriguez and Jeff Fahey cameos. - A future world where guns are banned so everyone just gets dismembered with swords. - A future world where half the population is missing limbs.
  11. Grand Moff Talkin'

    Blown Away (1993)

    No, not the one where Tommy Lee Jones listens to U2's Joshua Tree while making bombs. I'm talking about the fourth and final film The Coreys made together, the Canadian Basic Instinct rip-off Blown Away. All I remember about this movie is that even though this movie starred the hottest young stars the early 90s had to offer going straight to the bone zone (there is a LOT of fucking in this movie), this movie was the least sexy, most creepy erotic thriller from the era. From IMDb I mean, it had Baywatch-era Nicole Eggert as the femme fatale and she had the look down but somehow this movie managed to make her just sad. Everyone looks coked up and phoning it in and the Coreys have lost their late 80s magic by this point. This is a perfect HDTGM candidate.
  12. Grand Moff Talkin'

    Episode 205.5 - Minisode 205.5

    It was shot in Toronto and judging by the cops' uniforms, I think it's supposed to be set in Toronto's Little Italy.
  13. Grand Moff Talkin'

    Star Trek: Insurrection (1998)

    There are three HDTGM Trek films: Star Trek V: The Final Frontier aka the one where God bums a ride, Star Trek Into Darkness aka the one where Cumberbatch really was Khan and Star Trek: Insurrection aka the one where the aliens needed Starfleet to violate the Prime Directive for plastic surgery reasons. Paramount wanted a "funny Trek" and boy did they get it. This is the Trek movie from which we get the "Shake It So" meme Synopsis from IMDb: "When the crew of the Enterprise learn of a Federation conspiracy against the inhabitants of a unique planet, Captain Picard begins an open rebellion." Sounds straightforward but what we really got where a villainous, plastic surgery-obsessed alien race who all looked like Katherine Helmond in Brazil We got Picard CTRL+ALT+DELing Data by singing Gilber & Sullivan We got Troi and Beverly technically passing the Bechdel Test with this dialog: "Have you noticed your boobs have firmed up?" We got Riker shaving his beard, taking a bubble bath and using a video game joystick to fly the Enterprise. This movie is a collection of insane ideas.
  14. Grand Moff Talkin'

    Cellular (2004)

    It's on Netflix. Watching it now. It's so bad, I remember this coming out but never saw it. I feel 3 or 4 versions of this "I'm on the phone with a kidnap victim" genre have come out in the last decade. Didn't Halle Berry star in one?
  15. Grand Moff Talkin'

    Top Films of 2018

    I haven't seen a lot of the Oscar-bait films but I have a hard time seeing what could top Beale Street.