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    HOWL - NEW iOS App

    Guys!! I want to give you 5 bucks a month for ad free (yeees) and Howl exclusives because 95% of my listening is Earwolf podcasts and WTF anyways! I'd even give 15 bucks a month for such a privelege! But I'm an Android user and I echo the earlier sentiments about using Howl.fm via mobile browser. App has been out for iPhone over 3 months and no Android app yet? When can we expect it?!
  2. do you like long division? trigonometry? is pythagoras your bro? do you love music? do you love comedy bang bang?! if you answered yes to all of the above (and I do mean ALL of the above, if you waver even on one single question I want you to get out of my thread) then boy have I got just the thing for you. I made you a MATH ROCK PLUG BAG THEME: Flower Coronet - Anybody Plug Now (What's Yours?) <3