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    Jurassic World (2015)

    The boys are the real story. They've battled ghost before this and the young one has a monster under the bed. Chris Pratt and the raptor is more interesting a love story than the actual one. Stand and watch is the only way to survive a possible horrific death by Terry the pterodactyl.
  2. EliotDeLapp

    Southland Tales (2006)

    With the United States under the threat of nuclear attack, the lives of several people converge in a dystopian Los Angeles. Movie star Boxer Santaros (Dwayne Johnson) plans his next film with the help of ambitious porn actress Krysta Now (Sarah Michelle Gellar) and troubled policeman Roland Taverner (Seann William Scott). Meanwhile, Marxist revolutionaries, greedy corporations and secretive government agencies pursue their separate agendas among a paranoid populace.