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    Saturn 3 (1980)

    I just started watching this and came here to find out if I had missed anything because I havenโ€™t seen Saturn 1 or 2?

    Dragon Blade (2015)

    Wow, okay, first of all, that kid is the worst. Second, this is just a Chinese propaganda film or maybe like a B list movie compared to the Great Wall, but how much money does it take to get academy award winner Adrian Brody to appear in this, and also why is John Cusack doing these movies too?

    Dragon Blade (2015)

    Bump, because it's on hbo now and I got nothing to do on a Saturday night

    Vice (2015)

    This movie is remarkably bad. It's basically the same premise of Westworld, but fails on every level because absolutely no effort was made to make it a real movie. Definitely not worth doing an episode or or even watching for free on Netflix, but I still wanted to bitch about it on here. Terrible. Just stop it after the escape scene 20 minutes in.

    Dune (1984)

    Absolutely! It's a must watch for Lynch fans.

    Joysticks (1983)

    I am thoroughly enjoying this movie This movie is totally worth watching. It's on prime now. This movie answers the question, what is a video game? Pros This movie is way more coherent than suicide squad The intermittent pac man wipes are still better than suicide squads terrible editing The father beating his daughter was more realistic than the action in suicide squad Cons I don't think the sound track is available You can buy the suicide squad soundtrack everywhere

    Weiner (2016)

    I honestly think they should immediately do this movie just because of its relevance

    Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens (2016)

    I don't know, it's pretty wtf the whole time

    Naked Lunch (1991)

    Wtf! The typewriter erection!

    Hard Target (1993)

    It's painful to watch JCVD act.

    Terminator: Genisys (2015)

    It's on Amazon Prime now. It was on at a party and I was half watching it, but didn't completely finish it, so I watched it again to see if I had missed anything. I didn't. It's a convoluted mess that doesn't make any sense. I don't think it would make for a great episode but I had to say what the fuck? The action sucked, the plot sucked, and Reese sucked. First of all, for an action movie it fails miserably. There's tons of action, but there's no stakes at all. Maybe cause it's PG-13 or maybe because now terminators aren't the indestructible monsters they originally were and a 5 foot 2 woman can hold of the most advanced terminator with a 9mm pistol. Or maybe because the terminators are so incompetent in this movie that skynet doesn't deserve to replace humanity. For example, the T-1000 spoofs Reese, and instead of just killing Sarah, he tries to convince her to shoot the real Reese. Same thing with Termi-Connor. The whole basis of the franchise is sending the machines back in time to kill that bitch and there are plenty of opportunities to do that. But instead there's cgi car chases and helicopter chases and how the fuck did they take out a chopper to have it crash/arrive at the next scene before they got there? And the plot? Wtf. It makes T3 look like an Oscar contender. Seriously T3 is about as solid and scientific as The Martian by comparison. Why did they do a Star Trek '09 reboot? Why would Skynet even have to do judgment day in that timeline, it seems like, Genisys Os would be pretty legit. What's the motive? Remember the Animatrix? Ya, maybe flesh out the machine antagonists a little bit more next time. Plus I can't stand Jai Courtney. Quasar hit the nail on the head describing why he was so wrong. And Jk Simmons was completely under utilized. Also fuck casting Matt Smith.
  12. I haven't finished watching it yet, and maybe they cover this by the end, but why is the government trying to turn a junkie cop killer into a ninja assassin?
  13. Code Fucking Red! So the military creates a green zone to rebuild depopulated London, but when the zombie outbreak occurs, instead of a lock down with everybody safe in isolation, the solution is do the worst possible thing and herd everybody together. Oh and also, they kill the lights for some reason. And they didn't bother to guard the only infected survivor in the first place. It's baffling. Worst quarantine ever.

    CBGB (2013)

    Lol, I didn't notice the wigs because I was too fucked up, but I did like the music. I wish there were decent clubs to go to now but music is fucking dead. So I kinda liked it.

    Queen of the Damned (2002)

    Bump. It's on Netflix and I've had to watch it a couple more times. The accents are fucking ridiculous. It's like a dialogue coach just told the actors to pick a random vowel and hold it for and extra half second. As for the music, it's absolutely terrible, and they treat it like it's Mozart and the entire world and media analyzes the lyrics like it's scripture, but most the verses are like 4 words long. I don't like Korn or Limp Biscuit in the first place, but I've heard "generic rock music" written for tv shows in the 90's that sounded better. I did love most the scenes with Marguerite Moreau. The chemistry between her and Lestat was laughable and non existent. Actually, Stuart Townsend was just terrible all around. Impossible to watch and take seriously. God I hope they do this movie.

    Highway to Hell (1991)

    I love this movie! It's one of those movies I saw in high school that made me realize what a good shitty movie is. Highway to hell, where the toll is your soul. It's actually not that bad, just really campy for the most part.
  17. I'm watching this on Amazon and had to check if anyone else has seen this. I searched but came up empty, so I don't know if it deserves to be a new topic or if it even deserves to be watched.

    The Keep (1983)

    Bump. I wish they would do a movie like this instead of more movies like Steel. Zardoz style episodes work best I think.

    Dreamcatcher (2003)

    Bump. I saw this in the theater and the only thing I remember is the butt worm. I'm rewatching it and need to know what the fuck is going on?


    I know it's not fun to dissect comedy but I couldn't tell if it's even supposed to be one. I really don't get it. What is its purpose?

    The Apple (1980)

    it's on Amazon prime for free right now

    The Apple (1980)

    Like if the Nazis had won the war and David Lynch had made this instead of Dune.

    The Apple (1980)

    Fuuuuuuccckk. It's the most ridiculous depiction of the future ever imagined.
  24. Great documentary. Somebody needs to put together a supercut of all the nudity in the Cannon films and send it back in time to a 13 year old me.