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    EPISODE 106 — Deep Blue Sea: LIVE!

    Omissions: seriously I cannot believe you didn't notice that almost any scene where they are trying to get out of the water before a shark attack, Carter is always the last one still in the water, forcing everyone to turn and start yelling "Carter! Carter! Come on Carter!" It's so frequent that you could make a drinking game out of it. Also, if they supposedly decided to make Preach the hero at the last minute, then how do you explain the fact that Carter was such a shitty, ineffective hero for the entire movie??? He doesn't have any real knowledge of the facility or the sharks themselves (he is constantly being informed about the facility or the scientific aspects of the sharks by the other characters). They joke at or hint of a possible thing between him and Susan, but he doesn't even flirt or in any way fulfill the roll of a romantic hero. He NEVER saves anyone's life, even though there are multiple scenes where he is reaching for or attempting to save someone from a shark. He does always manage to get away as they are being eaten, though. BUT most importantly, he doesn't KILL A SINGLE SHARK!!! Susan 1, Priest 2, Carter a BIG FAT ZERO. Was Carter as the "hero" all just a misdirect? My young children laughed all the way through this movie. Love you guys, but seriously....hire a damned babysitter already. It's a couple of times a month.