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  1. Still a little confused about the Adomian not doing podcasts comments above.


    I like Gilbert and listen to his podcast sometimes, although it gets tedious sometimes. If you want old references and just a straight down-the-rabbit hole thing, listen to the Billy West one. http://www.gilbertpodcast.com/billy-west/


    I did like the opening segment with Gilbert and the episode overall and I'm glad that he did it, but I'm also ok with Gilbert never being on again.


    I do wish that Trump and Bernie had more room to get going and play around. Especially Bernie.


    Also would have liked Gilbert with Gino, as it could have cemented that-kind-of-show status for good.

  2. Top 3 ep of the year for me, right here!

    Eric Stonestreet was a great guest, who played a perfect straight man to Small.

    I love Willie Mapleton, who I thought sounded like a bad Leno impression mixed with Jiminy Glick and tons of vocal fry. I hope we hear from him again. Scott hating him was just icing on the cake. Grepisode, C+!!!


    Yup, I was definitely picking up on this.

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  3. After listening to it again, is Scott confusing Mike the Janitor and the Ghost of Richard Harrow when he mentioned keeping up with pyramid news? The only time I remember pyramid news being mentioned was when Ghost of Richard Harrow was talking about pyramid news where Bret Michaels had all the drunk women build him a pyramid in the yard.


    I thought that it was a reference to JW Stillwater and/or his father? Wasn't there a pyramid thing in that ep?