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  1. But what did the characters of Mad Men think of this movie? Also, my name is literally Helen so I was looking forward to having Jason deeply insult someone with my name, but he was right to just call her "whatshername" for the whole podcast, it is what she deserved for dishonoring my/our name. And who won the Hercules-off?! Can we talk about the timeline of their dates? They went on like 4 in a row in the movie and, while they changed clothes for each scene, that was the only differentiation between dates.
  2. You shut your mouth. Edit: just for clarification, I wouldn't want June gone either. The best shows are the ones where the gang is all there.
  3. Omission: what was HG Wells' opinion of the film (maybe @deadauthorspod could help find out).
  4. This movie is perfection. It may have an absolutely insane premise, terrible accents from talented actors, and go on way, way too long but the ending is so good you forget all of that. Honestly you guys... this ending. I need to hear Jason, June, and Paul talk about the ending. I would absolutely sponsor an episode of the show (as a poor college kid) if I could guarantee that this would be the movie. I'lll literally put my money where my mouth is. Plus the film is on Netflix and the entire thing has since been uploaded to youtube. I cannot recommend it more (or less... I guess?) [media=''] [/media]