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  1. Cathy ACKerman

    Episode 86 — Ross Mathews, Our Close Friend

  2. Cathy ACKerman

    Episode 85 — David Letterman, Our Close Friend

    Dearest Ross, If the universe is expanding, what is it expanding into? if there was nothing before the big bang, where did the components for the big bang originate from? these are the things that keep me up at night.
  3. Cathy ACKerman

    Episode 85 — David Letterman, Our Close Friend

    there's nothing in the rule book that says a reddit user can't play people.
  4. Cathy ACKerman

    EPISODE 352 — Scrunchy Face

    Poor Nick Swardson.
  5. If only there was a way for a ghost to pass through a closed door this whole scene could have been avoided.
  6. (If you are allergic to content, please be aware this podcast was packaged in a factory that also produces content) (warning: may contain traces of jokes)
  7. The Contents Of This Show Is Great Content
  8. idea: what if this episode was called Moments of Greatness, Our Content Companions
  9. Cathy ACKerman

    Sean and Hayes are on Comedy Bang Bang!!! Fuck me!!

    ok, i will fuck you. come here. big boyyy.
  10. I appreciate the boys putting out content today but a lot of thia content sounds awfully familiar! I can't explain it except to say that I must be dreaming future episodes of hollywood hambook! i don't remember sean and hayes being in my dreams last night, but they must have been there, and it looks like next week's guest is a girl i had a crush on grade nine.
  11. Cathy ACKerman

    EPISODE 351 — CBB: The Movie

    comedy is jokes.
  12. Cathy ACKerman

    Episode 83 — Nick Kroll, Our Close Friend

    i think you said that weekend at hayzies is available on vod-on-demand for five rubles
  13. Cathy ACKerman

    Episode 83 — Nick Kroll, Our Close Friend

    still not quite sure how a table can read a script for a pilot, or what that pilot is doing with a script, or why he can't read it himself (too busy flying a big plane?) edit: is the table a picnic table? i've always thought they were the smartest tables.
  14. Cathy ACKerman

    EPISODE 82 — Neil Casey, Our Close Friend

    1. buy boat 2. sell boat 3. seeing red sky at night, that sailor's delight 4. international waters 5. seeing red sky in mourning