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  1. This lovely young adult film actress was such a TMNT fan that she chose the stage name "April O'Neil," and then showed up to comic con one year dressed like this. I'm assuming some nerds spontaneously combusted.
  2. Long time lover of the podcast and all things June Paul and Jason. SOoo I had to pause listening to this episode to come here and share with you good people. First off amazing movie. I love that even though Shredder (or is it the Shredder?) talks like a terrible white kabuki theater actor, all of his minions are blonde haired hitler youth boys who look like Sound of Music extras. And one of them definitely does say "is this all of the Foot? we were all going to meet in the junkyard!" Which is a SUPER convenient contingency plan to have if you're an evil mastermind who ends up getting thrown into a junkyard. That guy was seriously on top of his shit. Now for the important part. In a strange small world connection I have met and trained with good ol' Keno, aka Ernie Reyes Jr, a genuinely good guy who was an olympic medalist in Tae Kwon Do and is currently battling total kidney failure. I used to work for his father, Ernie Reyes Sr., who runs a small empire of martial arts studios throughout California and beyond, and is pretty much batshit crazy. I once watched him push his 35 year old son (Keno's brother) into full middle splits to demonstrate "strength of character." It probably shredded his groin. He would also come into class to take off his shirt and show off his 70+ year old sagging six pack (gotta give it to the guy, he does still have a six pack) or harm a student in a live demo. All that aside he did know his shit, and Ernie Jr. did too, despite his incredibly middling acting career. If you want to see Keno ride again (but not as Keno) alongside Rob Schneider, check out Surf Ninjas. You'll thank me. And then you'll thank yourself for listening to me.
  3. williambeare

    Furious 7

    The seventh Fast and Furious movie A.K.A. Furious 7 comes out tomorrow, I, obviously, will be at the theater come 12:01 and I'm sure, once their schedules allow, the gang plus Adam Scott will hit theaters too to celebrate the last time the full famiglia will ever get furious...rest in peace Paul Walker. This isn't so much a recommendation since it's so obvious, I just wanted to share my honest excitement. Also, and it's been said before (but over two years ago), 'Predators' should really happen. Mantzoukas said it when they did Fast 5, and it needs to happen. Danny Trejo dies in the first ten minutes. Laurence Fishburne makes a surprise appearance as an insane black Colonel Kurtz, Topher Grace spends the whole movie whining and then tries to murder everyone, and hey, Walton Goggins was in it?? What? Oh and a Japanese gangster kills a predator with a samurai sword. Spoilers. DO this movie. For the good of us all.
  4. williambeare

    Game. Of. Smurfs.

    Just re-listened to the smurfs episode with PFT on a plane yesterday and then saw this epic and disturbing video this morning. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QF9ML4dKphE