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  1. Neato As Fuck

    The Graduate

    Speaking of Graduate sequels, it's a shame we never got the REAL Graduate 2.
  2. Neato As Fuck

    Episode 587 - No Relation

    Hehe, I love the pic of Maya, a split second before getting freaked the fuck out by Photographer Matt
  3. Neato As Fuck

    Episode 566 - The Calvins Triplets

    I bet this was excellent, at 1000:1 odds! venmo: neatoasfuck@email.bing
  4. Neato As Fuck

    Episode 556 - Tips 'n' Tricks

    Maybe the best ending ever.
  5. I'm not 100% sure that Scott intentionally made a "Where does the butt start?" reference, but I choose to believe he did.
  6. Neato As Fuck

    Episode 554 - Educainment Squad

    Loved this ’sode o’ ‘tent, and loved that Tommy D was havin’ a great time. His charac’ almost seemed ‘mal by the end, compared to the insanity that ‘ratio brought.
  7. Neato As Fuck

    Staind Glass 2 with Todd Glass

    The older I get, the more whiles it’s been since various events have occurred, the whilest of which is the original Staind Glass, so I’m stoked for this one!
  8. Neato As Fuck

    Episode 552 - Hey, Keep Readin'

    Good Hey, keep reading ep!
  9. Neato As Fuck

    Episode 548 - Know What I’m Saying?

    IT’S BEEN A WHILE since Galeon has been on Gillian Jacobs’s Comedy Bang’s Scott Aukermans’s Bang, and it was a C+ ep! I’ll edit this post later, if I happen to think of any references to put in it.
  10. "You live in an apartment with your dead grandmother!" "It's a HOUSE!" I hope these live shows are more common, I've loved them all so far
  11. Neato As Fuck

    Episode 545 - Casual High Technology with Wajatta

    I hadn't seen these commercials, so I binged one up, and I think you might be wrong about that... Jim Cashman plays Jamie, but Jeremy was in one https://www.ispot.tv/ad/wgn0/progressive-name-your-price-tool-tool-room
  12. Neato As Fuck

    Episode 40 - Lauren Lapkus - Spotlight On: Traci Reardon

    So glad this finally happened #rompitup