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    Out for Justice (1991)

    Just to drive hime how necessary this movie is.
  2. Stringer_Bell

    Out for Justice (1991)

    Steven Seagal as a tough New York cop with a Brooklyn accent. Nuff said.
  3. Stringer_Bell

    EPISODE 114 — Runaway

    -Corrections and Omissions Supporting June’s concern about the use of our tax dollars policing privately owned robots, on Ramsey’s first call he’s flown to the farm on a police helicopter. He appears familiar with all the various controls in the back; leading me to assume that the runaway squad has dedicated air assets along with two pilots. That would mean that the police department allocated funds not only to buy a helicopter, but also to keep two pilots staffed and on call to chauffer Ramsey to locations that permit a rotary winged aircraft to land. How frequently are run away farming robots requiring urgent police intervention that a dedicated helicopter becomes necessary for the runaway unit? Second issue. When Ramsey suited up with medieval fencing armor and bulletproof vest to save the baby. He sneaks into the house through the front door. Seconds later he is followed by the cameraman who choose not to use the night vision function on his camera. Why would the rest of the police force blocking off the house allow the cameraman to waltz in the front door? He clearly made no effort to sneak in, he just casually strolled into the house only to get smoked seconds later by a 357-wielding robot. This displays a serious level of overall incompetence in the police force. The kind of incompetence that would fail to screen for crippling vertigo in police recruits and allow for the wasting of police resources by dedicating a helicopter to the runaway squad. Lastly, the model 12’s were sold with a flesh light attachment. Ramsey programmed Louis to remove it when he brought guests over. RIP OL Dirty, WU TANG FOREVER