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    EPISODE 114 — Runaway

    *Correction* Kirstie Alley did not reprise her role of Saavik in Star Trek III: The Search For Spock. Robin Curtis has the distinction of replacing her. Kirstie Alley wanted more money, but was denied, so I guess she opted to do this movie instead.
  2. mattfondacaro

    EPISODE 112 — Jupiter Ascending

    *CORRECTION* (or maybe clarification) Hopefully no one else already posted about this, as I can only read so many threads about the pronunciation of Mila Kunis. However, there was mention to the "anunnaki" movie (that sounds like Paul said "anuki") in the second opinions section. Was this person referring to the dogshit E.T. ripoff film called "Nukie?" With dodgy and terrifying alien puppets and superfluous amounts of stock footage of Africa...
  3. mattfondacaro

    Undefeatable (1993)

    "Keep an eye out for ya, stingray!" "Yeah, see ya!" This movie is amazing and needs to be discussed at great lengths.
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    Bundle this movie up with Flight of the Navigator and you've got yourself a show.
  5. mattfondacaro

    Island of Death

    in high school we were drawn in by the claim that this film had been banned in over 50 countries and was the most controversial movie ever made. we bought the dvd. in reality it is a really weird, disorganized film made in Greece with two characters on a honeymoon (who are actually brother and sister in a very bizarre reveal that makes no sense), and they kill gays and (what looks like) have sex with a goat. the disc was scratched so it skipped over 30 minutes of the second act (which maybe was for the best). review this movie.
  6. mattfondacaro

    Body Double (1984)

    The only saving grace of this movie is the cameo by national treasure Rob Paulson (the voice of Yakko) as the AD on the porno shoot. Everything else, pure garbage.
  7. mattfondacaro

    Last Action Hero (1993)

    I would love for HDTGM to tackle this film, as it completely falls apart in the third act, but I do believe that the first part of the movie is actually great, as it delves into a satirical look at big-budget action films of the late 80s and early 90s, full of intentional continuity errors, a parody of movie cliches with a self-referential humor and jokes where your tongue is firmly planted in your cheek (except the third act). I feel this movie was too ahead of its time in making fun of the genre and also being destroyed by the release of Jurassic Park. The Hamlet scene is hilariously amazing, as is the plot of the film within a film, wherein Jack Slater is seeking revenge on those who killed his second favorite cousin (Art Carney). Coupled with an animated cat and John McTiernan's stock of bad guy goons from Die Hard (sadly minus William Atherton who was wanted for the role that went to Charles Dance), this movie transcends the mediocrity and banality it was labeled as in 1993 and in fact does stand the test of time of poking fun at the action movie tropes that many silly/fun action-adventure movies of this era are now just embracing. This movie is amazing. 5 stars! 10 stars!
  8. mattfondacaro

    Suburban Commando (1991)

    i always get this movie and mr. nanny mixed up. they seem to be interchangeable.
  9. mattfondacaro

    Nukie (1988)

    I have never seen this movie before in my life, I only remember seeing the sun-damaged VHS sleeve in the Family section of a Hollywood Video as a child, but the cover frightened me for some reason, and the back cover had pictures of the aliens, which really upset me. I've only seen the trailer (recently), and in the tradition of Mac & Me and the weird Turkish E.T. ripoff from 1983 (wherein a giant turd-looking alien farts smoke and emits the most blood curdling noise, akin to something a giant radiation dust cloud villain from Star Trek would emit), this movie looks absolutely incomprehensible and upsetting to watch. Although could be construed as a tale brotherhood and the power of the human (or alien) spirit, or just an exercise is compiling stock footage, this movie is above all worthy of review. This was also Nelson Mandela's film of 1988.
  10. mattfondacaro


    this movie needs to be reviewed solely on the fact that the end credits is a recap of everything you just saw, PLUS a tease of a sequel (released the same year)