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    Episode 207 — Modeling

    Dig Tig: Before hearing this episode, I was already considering editing the song Heigh Ho from Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs on the Mac to create a new gif/meme/vid. "We dig Tig dig Tig dig Tig Tig …"
  2. FrankSalerno

    Episode 206 — Micro-budget Filmmaking

    I used to hate on people who hate Los Angeles. I used to miss it when I left. But that seems like another lifetime since I left. I miss the museums, restaurants and the ocean. But … years went by that I was never able to get to the ocean! It took 2 hours to drive 2 exits to Whole Foods on Coldwater, park two blocks away and get a parking ticket after spending all my money on food I already ate and the food I'll never eat. (LA is not a place to build Time Management skills.) Yes, cities in the Midwest (for example) may know all the details and goings on in Hollywood or in magazines. But that's because the entertainment industry is just entertainment to most of those people. It's fun. It isn't their livelihood. David Cross does shoehorn in his love of NYC in his take on LA - but I think it still has merit. Google: Youtube David Cross Making it In LA I could dissect it several ways, however the short answer for me is that it wasn't a good fit. I worked with people who "made it" in varying degrees. I also worked with people who lost it - big time. I eventually realized what I'd have to do and who I'd have to become to maybe get to where I wanted to be - and I lost interest. I'm finding now - removed from LA - that I am getting back in touch with the things that interest me. It may never be on the scale of Hollywood, but I am enjoying the journey instead of feeling disgust and depression woven into layers of inner dialouge.
  3. FrankSalerno

    Episode 206 — Micro-budget Filmmaking

    The exact etymology is not certain, however it is largely theorized that 'fit as a fiddle' refers to how a violin fits snuggly under the player's chin. I've found other resources that suggest it then became a natural replacement for 'fit for purpose' because of its alliteration. It is agreed upon that 'fit as a fiddle' was not originally purposed to describe well being or health.
  4. FrankSalerno

    EPISODE 5 - Mars Base 3

    I liked hearing the Hulk quote, too. I never heard Wildfire (the song) until this last week here in Las Vegas because I had to perform in a show of only hit music from 1975. That list also includes, btw, Rockford Files, Love Will Keep Us Together, Wildfire and At Seventeen.
  5. FrankSalerno

    EPISODE 204 — Nannying

    What a racket nannying is! I'm not saying there aren't good ones and great ones who make it their life and obviously impact the lives of the children they help raise, but the bottom line is if their childhood was well adjusted and their dealing with family arguments, manners, relationships lines up with your family - winner! It's not cut and dry and not "a click away" as companies would have you believe.
  6. FrankSalerno

    Episode 203 — Trauma

    I have nothing to add, PureJosie, except that success is rarely a straight line. Are there more/less talented people who are successful? Deserved restaurants that miss the mark? Well intentioned businesses that fail? Yes x3. I like to say "Someone has to win the Superbowl. Someone has to win Best Picture. Someone has to have the #1 song." Is it always the best team/movie/song? No, but they never eliminate those designations or awards because they can't find a worthy candidate. So I guess I'm saying never judge yourself or your likes/dislikes based on what mean girls say. I did live in Los Angeles for many years and witnessed a lot of (for lack of a better and more efficient word) "strange" behavior: some good/productive, some bad/degenerative, and some ineffectual and mindless. And while the person who ostentatiously displays their issues and is seemingly involved in constant accidents is a person I run from, I don't feel contempt toward them for wanting to better their health/life. Although, it is an easy leap to make (And I'm not at all saying you are contemptous, btw). I suppose I take issue with this so-called middle America view of wacky Californians and their wacky oxygen bars and wacky Whole Foods. More often than not, these dismissive people are obese, dysfunctional, not smart, not evolving - and just consume what ever dogma is put in front of them. (Boy! That got long!)
  7. FrankSalerno

    Episode 203 — Trauma

    For my 2 cents: My wife and I enjoyed Whitney Cummings on Chelsea Lately. She made for a lively foil and was an attractive ingredient to the round table. Using her own word, I found Whitney 'humanized' on PB humorously discussing trauma and applying it to her own life in recovery. It did feel like the networks were jamming her (and a false image) down our throats for a minute there - without any context as to why we should or would be interested. Like the Greg Behrendt interview, Professor Blastoff as an unregulated forum has given me much more insight on the guest. By the end of the episode, I felt contented by new acceptance and appreciation for Whitney. I wasn't sure if she could be compelling for more than an E! Entertainment Television segment, but she was. I feel like I should revisit her standup with new ears. *** It's easy to pick someone apart - especially when they have a fixed image in your mind and they attempt to step out of that comfort zone leaving themselves vulnerable. Perhaps the EMF bag (or any one of her coping mechanisms) seems kooky, but it didn't hit a nerve with me. It's not my issue. We can all find old TV commercials on Youtube promoting "the cigarette your doctor smokes" and other abandoned attitudes. I feel more judgmental of people incorrectly using the word 'literally', or adults eating at McDonald's, or selfish and unsafe driving. *** Like Tig, I don't watch TV shows. Perhaps it is because we are the same age, or perhaps I have seen a lot of TV in my life and find it boring. Just the other night, my wife and I were having wine and trying to find something to watch. Ugh. We settled on a charming documentary about Agatha Christie's life. This is not an attack on people who do watch TV - just me sharing.
  8. FrankSalerno

    Episode 201 — Dog Rescue

    I have several friends that are lesbians and have seen this kind of interaction without recognizing it as a standard alpha-fem way to flirt with women. The preemptive 'people think this is flirting, but it's not..' is a classic move. Were Kyle and D doing their taxes this episode? Or were they just sitting mouths agape? Fun to be a fly on the wall this eppy.