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  1. Kozydude

    The Punisher (2004)

    Well that was done that way to show that this is a Frank Castle that has given up on trying to "clean" his city and that Ron Perlman's Disabled Veteran character was meant to show what happens when you give up after failing. He fought a war to protect his country, only to return and see that they are killing each other. He attempts to stop it, but winds up getting a bullet in the spine and wheelchair bound. So he says fuck it and winds up a drunk working at a liqueur store. The Punisher sees that he accepts that the city is a shit hole and just sits by and not get in the way, so The Punisher only has two choices: Give up like this man and accept things as they are or continue to fight with whatever strength is left to rid the city of criminals. That's just how i saw the video as, maybe i'm watching a different film haha. I guarantee there is a Garth Ennis Punisher MAX story where Frank is just no giving a shit about whats going on around him, it would be odd for him to not question his motives after years of being a vigilante.
  2. Kozydude

    The Punisher (2004)

    Holy shit, you're right! Haha! Never put two and two together. I also did enjoy it somewhat at the time, since The Punisher movie in the 80's was an absolute train wreck, at the time, it was sadly the closet we got to the real Punisher. Thank the gods for Jon Bernthal!
  3. [media=''] [/media] Even when it came out back in 2004, this movie was the exact opposite of who The Punisher was and acted in the comics. John Travolta freaking out about his son's death (5 years before is real son passed away), Thomas Jane playing this weird passive comedic version of The Punisher which never really existed (Which to be fair, he redeemed that mistake with the Dirty Laundry short film), The removal of Microchip (Punishers right hand guy for all things ammunition and protective gear) from the script completely, not to mention the only torture scene in the film involves a slab of steak and an ice pop. I would normally recommend buying a movie to support, but this film does not deserve the money, considering this was before Marvel knew how to make a decent comic book movie.
  4. Kozydude

    Rawhead Rex (1986)

    Right?! haha i watched it again like two Halloweens ago and was laughing my ass off the whole time, its so bad yet still interesting to watch the ridiculous concept fleshed out on screen. It worth it just to see the Priest/Rex dynamic of the story lol.
  5. Kozydude

    Rawhead Rex (1986)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wa_uWT70GbA The first horror movie i ever saw. My father showed it to me when i was 5 or 6, terrified me then, but now its absolutely ridiculous and hysterical. Any movie where a giant demon monster that spawns in Ireland and pees on a priest who worships him, is HDTGM quality! Written by Clive Barker and Directed by George Pavlou, who together, also made Underworld (aka Transmutations) who's composers went on to become the electronic group Underworld (They adopted the name after the movie title) Full movie is up on YouTube as well, very easy to access with a simple google search. Enjoy!
  6. Anyone else have a hard time telling Paul and Pete apart? haha before i knew about Pete Holmes, i though You Made It Weird was Paul Scheer's podcast.
  7. Kozydude

    EPISODE 118.5 - MINISODE 118.5

    "Smooth, like ice! Cold to the touch but it wasnt very nice!" I fucking miss Garth Marenghi's Darkplace!
  8. Kozydude

    EPISODE 118.5 - MINISODE 118.5

    Holy shit, you guys are about to watch my FAVORITE. MOVIE. EVER. Seriously, my father (Whom passed away 4 years ago) was a horror fanatic, showed me films like Carpenter's The Thing, Clive Barker's Rawhead Rex, and Romero's Day of the Dead when i was 5 or 6 years old. Maximum Overdrive kicks ass!! It's like Transformers, but instead of cool sexy cars transforming into robots, Turkey Cutters and Lawnmowers are possessed by demons and cut you. Yes, a Turkey Cutter becomes posessed and kills people. Also, Emilio Estevez pulls an RPG out of his ass at some point. Ohh man, you guys are going to LOVE how horrible this film is, its so bad that its amazing.