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    Blade Trinity (2004)

    I believe Blade 3 would be an amazing movie for this podcast. First, there were two actually good movies in this franchise and then the third one comes out of no where and is terrible much like Spiderman 3. Second, did you see the scene where Triple H is a vampire and in order to simulate him going super fast they simply fast forwarded the footage? Third, it would be an amazing opportunity to invite Patton Oswalt back onto the podcast!
  2. BDawes

    EPISODE 107 — Lake Placid: LIVE!

    I believe Lake Placid is based off of an episode of the X-files. The episode is called "Quagmire" and aired on May 3rd, 1996 where Scully and Mulder go down to Georgia to investigate a "monster" that killed a biologist by a lake. After several death's (including Scully's pomeranian dog Queequeg) it is later discovered that it was a large alligator that was the culprit. However at the end of the episode we see a large dinosaur like creature pop out of the water. I believe David E Kelly saw this episode and decided to combine the dinosaur and gator (crocidle, alligators neither of them can drive amirite?) into a singular creature and then create characters that couldn't create chemistry even if Marie Curie was in the film. Thoughts?