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  1. spookygoose

    Episode 553 - Let's Write On The White

    I'm so woke right now. Go ahead and try to wake me up. I DARE YOU! can't do it because of how woke I am now
  2. spookygoose

    Episode 248 - Triumph At Comic-Con

    I think the political humor was good, but out of place at Comic Con. The crowd reacted to Hayes doing Sarah Silverman because i think they expected you guys to poke fun at her and perhaps the other agenda but whatevesz. please dont bee a samantha bee or other late night hacks..I love you guys and even chef Kevin. this show was awesome! dont ever lose your edge! BTW I'm Deadpool and I swapped your panel marquee with the ladies restroom. :]
  3. First Kulap leaves who's charted and now Hard Nashe is gone?! What's the world coming to? Sad to see these guys leave Earwolf. If I were to critique, I'd say that solely grabbing low hanging conservative fruit might not be the "best" send off -i mean, did you know SNL does Trump jokes!? Looking forward to what Mike and Paul has in the future and as long as the Boyz at HH are ok, I'll hang on to my stiitcher premium.