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    EPISODE 217 — A i4h Christmas Carol

    i4h is the best podcast in the universe. Does anyone know what musical guest they keep making fun of that didn't play stuff live?
  2. BenningtonSullivanGrant

    EPISODE 216 — Grudge Justice

    *Opinion* I like Jessica St. Clair. I like her brand of barrage humor. Womp it Up is one my favorite podcasts. That being Matt, Lennon, and Jason are probably 3 of the top 10 improvisers in the world. They are all gifts to the world. I was so excited to hear them, but Jessica initiated OR derailed every scene. She probably said 70% of the words. It was like if an okay guitarist solo'd over an entire U2 concert.
  3. BenningtonSullivanGrant

    Episode 79 — Mary Holland, Our Close Friend

    great episode so glad funny women are finally getting the attention they deserve. For me, queens is the new kings of comedy.