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  1. LesJizzerables

    Episode 302 - Jesse Farrar, Our Close Friend

    Knuck if you smuck
  2. This was a tremendous ep. Tawny Newsome quickly ascended to SPONT royalty for me, and when you add Munderscore, a very game Carl Tart & a punchy/tired PFT to the mix, it ain't nothin but a good time.
  3. Just ugly laughing like an idiot throughout this whole ep
  4. LesJizzerables

    Episode 450 - Throw It On the Floor

    Wasn't Horatio implying it was Benny Schwaz during the closing up the plug bag song?
  5. LesJizzerables

    "You Suck It Out of a Bone"

    That's a good song.
  6. LesJizzerables

    Episode 436 - Rich Mind Vain

    Just popping in to say that I liked this episode very much.
  7. LesJizzerables

    Episode 430 - Man Veils

    This is an incredibly funny ep
  8. LesJizzerables

    Season 3: Game 1 - Pistol Shrimps 4/5/16

    "I wanna base jump off your dick" may be the best signoff line in podcast history.
  9. LesJizzerables

    EPISODE 92 — Fans, Our Close Fans

    This is a good episode, but I'm surprised Tim didn't take the opportunity to promote Treese's Pieces of Eight Plunder Pile. It's a fun, cost-effective alternative to Dread Captain Sean's Booty Krate and is the perfect subscription service for the lamers, gamers, dweebs and dorkos in your life.
  10. LesJizzerables

    Episode 89 — Erin Whitehead, Our Close Friend

    I have listened to this episode yet It's a good one.
  11. LesJizzerables

    Episode 88 — Neil Campbell, Our Close Employee

    Guys, trying to figure out what Hayes and Sean are talking about in that mattress ad. Here's what I came up with so far: - reading really good book - playing really fun and cool video game - twitter.com/tweetofgod - eating cereal quiet so 'rents don't hear - tracing your favorite Curtis and Doonesbury comics and making your own words to show off when friends/more than friends come over
  12. hi Erin - When you do an improv how do you know it finished?
  13. LesJizzerables

    Episode 86 — Ross Mathews, Our Close Friend

    warm birthday wishes fresh from papa's oven to joe mcgurl
  14. Normally the only clip show I like is from barber, but this is great stuff!