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    EPISODE 123 - Lifeforce

    I'm a little miffed by the overall outrage over the 5 Star reviewer who "watched with the kiddos". First, I'm sure he didn't mean "with my 6 year olds" and the kids were probably of a reasonable age. 13 is around the age my favorite movies would have included Aliens, Predator, Lifeforce, and Heavy Metal (all R). I think the takeaway is he watched it WITH his kids and was available for Parental Guidance. What's even more strange is the nudity seemed to be the bigger issue. It's funny that we (Americans, mostly) have such a sex-bad violence-okay mindset in our ratings/censorship (which I think Zardoz pokes fun of - and that was 40 years ago). I think the content kids can look at on the smartphones they seem to be born with is far more damaging than seeing Mathilda May's natural, nude figure.
  2. dask360

    The "Monkey Shines"/Stephen King Connection

    Not sure what nrkist is talking about...and I don't think they realized the books Monkey Shines (1983) and Skeleton Crew (1985) have nothing to do with one another, but thank you What_Would_Dodge_Do?, I think you're 100% percent correct. Romero even said in the commentary he had no idea where that poster came from (and hated it) but I wonder if the "real" King connection is just an existing Romero+King relationship, having worked together before and after (Romero had to pass on directing Pet Semetary to do Shines reshoots, but they had worked on Creepshow together and were friends). And like you said, this unconscious presumed connection...and that damn cymbal monkey toy.
  3. dask360

    Solarbabies (1986)

    This certainly has a loving cult following, with its overpowering "only in the 80's" vibe that, admittedly, makes it endearing. An unabashed Road Warrior rip-off that is also equal parts E.T. and The Mighty Ducks. I feel like the only creative notes were throw some kids in American Gladiators uniforms and have them rollerskate around in the desert, but make sure they have an alien pal. Blown away there hasn’t been more love (er, hate?) for getting this one made.
  4. This almost seems too obvious a choice. Why hasn't this been made?? Ah, because no one wants to revisit this nightmare. It taught us all "there SHOULD be only one"! But seriously, Highlander 2, guys. Get on this one!
  5. dask360

    Cool World (1992)

    I second "hypnotizingchickens" and "Dad Has ADD" with everything they mentioned. So sad this thread died in Jan! When Paul recently said "no one is asking for Cool World" during a minisode, I had to take action. I'm also a huge Bakshi fan, but even with a mild soft spot for this garbage (hey, at age 7 it felt cool), this movie has tons of material to cover. One of the more interesting aspects that I don't feel was covered here is that it was "supposed" to be a huge success. By that, I mean they promoted the hell out it and gave it a huge push (desperation, perhaps?). There were several video game tie-ins, including Nintendo and Super Nintendo, a 4 issue DC comic book prequel, and a 75-foot-tall Holli Would cutout added to the Hollywood sign (which reportedly angered local residents). That's the kind of big hollywood push given to a much different breed of film. Needless to say, I would LOVE to hear your take on this. Radio gold.