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  1. A theory on the "Miami" in Miami Connection, which was originally titled Against The Ninja. When the Bruce Lee film Fist of Fury was released in the US, it's title was changed to The Chinese Connection to capitalize on the popularity of The French Connection (note: they meant to give the name to The Big Boss, but messed up...so that was retitled Fists of Fury, just so everything was nice and confusing. Of further note, it's about a drug smuggling ring and everyone does martial arts). Anyway, I think the title Miami Connection is supposed to draw comparisons to those films, but more specifically, to invoke Bruce Lee himself. Miami Vice could be a contributing factor in Miami over Orlando, but that could be as simple as Orlando Connection not packing the same punch.


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  2. Paul Bartel and Jim Wynorski are two different people.


    On the subject, however, Paul and Mary "Bland" making a cameo in Chopping Mall is the craziest example of stunt cast/in-joke I've seen in a movie (Dick Miller was more of a wink and actually makes sense). I can't imagine the scene making any sense unless you are in on it.


    I'm sure they'll bring this up. I feel like Eating Raoul is something Jason would have seen and been into.

  3. I wanted to get into Godfrey Ho and the whole ninja craze in general, but it looks like we're pretty well covered here. One thing that I don't think was mentioned, however, was Pink Floyd's "Echoes" which can be heard...


    For those that watched on YouTube, did you happen to also watch the trailer for Golden Ninja Warrior? If so, did you love it?



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  4. My mother and I used to watch horror films together when I was 8, 9, 10 years old from our local video store and for a few years it was our tradition. She also really loved Stephen King...

    I also watched this with my Stephen King loving mother when I was 8. She did not, however, speak a single word to me about that and I assume was just hoping it'd all be over my head. I do remember arguing with her that the cop was Mark Hamill and triumphantly pointing at his name in the credits (as if I didn't know what Luke fucking Skywalker looked like, pft!). I also remember NOT being able to sleep that night and sneaking back to the living room to watch Disney's Pinocchio. I don't know why I chose it, but does fit as a bizarre transformation double feature. Maybe I just wanted to see Figaro?

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  5. One of my lingering questions is from the rapid fire transformation freakout scene in the car. The first thing he transforms into appears to be a very young boy. Does this mean the sleepwalkers can transform into kids?


    I read this as his inner child responding to it's greatest fear: kitties. I'm sure the last thing he expected to see was a cat, literally, riding shotgun.


    Good question, but if they could take other forms (age? ethnicity?), shouldn't they have been doing it all the time? Seems like a handy trick for someone constantly on the run.

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  6. Let's go back to "The Prize" here for a second. According to the original film, the Prize is described as "a special ability which is given to the last living immortal warrior, vast knowledge and the ability to enslave the entire human race." So, Immortals are part of a forced conflict called The Game, which is chopping off every Immortal's head until you're the last and win The Prize. Now, The Gathering is a subconscious summoning effect that forces the Immortals to participate in The Game. Here's a quote from Ramirez from the first film:


    "... when there are only a few of us left, we will feel an irresistible pull towards a far away land ... to fight for the prize ..."


    The film definitively ENDS...which is what makes the sequel murky from the get-go. The Kurgan wants power and chaos and to dominate and MacLeod wants to be left alone, find love, and settle down. So, he beats the bad guy, gets the girl, and gains his mortality (and infinite knowledge...so that's cool). Story over. All of this gets really fucked up when you incorporate the time travel element. The tacked on stipulation that he can travel back makes even less sense!



    What's crazy about all of this is that Katana is willing to execute them right away and they tell him he can't. Fast forward a few hundred years and they're like, "Shit, he may choose to come back. We should probably kill him." I imagine it took Katana a great deal of self-restraint to not say, "That's what I've been saying!"


    Also, their rules of exile have a very Gamer-esque flaw. Basically, all these Immortal political prisoners are exiled to another time/planet/plane of existence where they are left to accumulate power by killing one another, but doesn't this means that only the most powerful Immortal--with the most experience murdering people--will be allowed to return to their time/planet/plane of existence? I mean, I get that's why they're concerned, but those were the rules they set up--which are really stupid.


    Finally, who cares if he DOES choose to return, you've mastered fucking time travel! If it looks like he's going to make that choice, just send some guys back--I don't know--a few days, weeks, months, whatever before he makes that decision. Jesus! Time travel is wasted on the chronically dumb.


    Connor MADE his choice! There was no question of him coming back, and in fact, sending the porcupine brothers was the catalyst of The Game starting all over again. Was that the goal? Are we to assume they want to enslave Zeist? Give Katana the Prize so he can rule? What do they want?? If so, like Cameron H. pointed out...there are infinite ways to manipulate ANY of that with no risk. But I think WE'RE all overthinking it, because the real explanation is nobody involved in the movie knew what was going on. That fact has now been heavily documented.

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  7. They talked about the score a bit during the ep, and it's true that Stewart Copeland did write all the new music for it. But did anyone else notice that they used instrumental versions of some of the Queen songs from the first movie? They definitely use "Who Wants to Live Forever"in one of the scenes with Connor and Louise. And I remember there being at least one other (maybe "A Kind of Magic"?)


    "Who Wants to Live Forever" was used often. Too often. Possibly in every scene with them together (at least it felt like it) and maybe again in the flashback to his wife? "A Kind of Magic" was on the jukebox in the bar, but I can't recall if there was an instrumental version.

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  8. Wait a minute! That was in the version I watched (I remember because ever since I heard him deliver that line I can't seem to get clean). Does this mean I still somehow managed to watch the wrong version even after asking around?


    God, I hate this movie! Even finding the right version of it is a fucking three-toed tango of insanity.


    Cameron H. maybe you're just a skilled lip reader? Or perhaps you have heard tale of what dark haired ladies like to do and were able to fill in the blanks?


    I could still make it out despite the muffled whisper in the version I have. (Ugh, I have it)

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  9. OMG I didn't think June was going to be in this ep because it was recorded the same night as Escape From LA.


    Why you always gotta be lying to me, bro? Dashed my hopes that you might have the theatrical cut and then breaking my heart by saying June wasn't on the show. Glad that wasn't the case! Can't wait to listen tonight.


    So I guess the moral is: lying is okay if it yields a nice surprise.

  10. I really wish June was going to be on it because I can only imagine her losing her shit over this movie. I kind of wish/hope they do Endgame at some point because the only thing worse than this movie is throwing Adrian Paul into the equation. Then again, they'd have to do Highlander III/The Final Dimension/The Magician/The Final Fight (all various names for the same movie) first.


    Bummer! I must have missed that June wouldn't be on it. I got so excited when Paul said it made her mad. The Sorcerer was another Highlander III subtitle. It could have also been called, "Didn't you learn your lesson?" or, "Welcome back, dum-dums." Speaking of which, I like how the movie dubbed The Quickening makes absolutely no mention of the Quickening.

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  11. So quick question for you Highlander nerds out there, I got Highlander 2 on Prime Video, but it does not specify that it is the "Renegade" version. However, the one I got and the Blu-Ray for the "Renegade" edition have the same run time. Am I good?


    They're all basically the same. Anything that says Renegade cut is also the director's cut. There is also a "special edition" which is the same cut with touched up special effects (as if that was the problem). So regardless of packaging, if it is 109 minutes, you're watching the right one.

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  12. Apparently, hitting "quote" on mobile erases everything you've already typed out, so half of my previous post is missing....


    Soooo anyway, I'm moving next week, and I literally packed up my movies last night, even though I knew next week was going to be Highlander 2. Conundrum: do I dig through the boxes I packed yesterday? or do I just take this as an opportunity to buy it on Blu-Ray and retire the DVD?


    Life gives you hard choices sometimes, man.


    Edit: my DVD is the American theatrical cut, so maybe this is an opportunity to buy the Renegade version.


    I don't think you have the theatrical cut on DVD, unless it is a bootleg or foreign copy (I think there is a French DVD release with the US theatrical cut). We'd have to go VHS or Laserdisc for the "Zeist" alien cut of the film. Which is unfortunate. (I can already hear Jason screaming "WHAT???") If you're wanting to "upgrade", I recommend the Olive Films 2013 release of the Renegade cut. The DVD and blu-ray are practically identical PQ-wise, so grab whichever is cheaper.

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  13. I believe we've talked about this before long ago, but I am a massive Carpenter fan as well. Now, I won't ask you to pick your favourites of all his work, but of his five collaborations with Kurt Russell how would you rank them? For me I would The Thing at the top no hesitation, but second is a toss up for me between Escape from New York and Big Trouble in Little China. I think Big Trouble might just edge it out though. Then Elvis and Escape from LA last.


    I know you weren't asking me, but I'd rank mine just the same, only I'd drop LA and add The Thing a second time for good measure.

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