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  1. Please review I Am Here... Now. I just found this movie recently and have already watched it five times. Neil Breen comes to earth as a robot jesus and dishes out justice to "sinners". The terrible acting, bizare writing, horrible editing, cringe worthy dialogue and awful cinematography make it hard to avoid for any fans of so bad they're good movies. It's on par with The Room, Neil Breen is the new Tommy WIseau


    You can watch it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eE3-sxaOJDo


  2. Loved the episode:

    Paul was a great host as usual and Natasha and Moshe were welcome guests bring the wit and charisma that the podcast needed.

    With one minor complaint.. the sound: do we really need to hear the audience as loud as the hosts, it's distracting.

    And some douchebag I don't know who he was but I'd like to punch him right in the fucking face.