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    EPISODE 108 — Con Air LIVE!

    Correction &/or Omission Whilst I'm no Doctor, I am a diabetic. So I can say with some degree of authority that Baby O is no diabetic. Not to get too technical/ medical about it, but I take insulin because my pancreas is fucked and doesn’t produce it’s own. Insulin serves to break down and maintain blood sugar. To put it simple terms blood sugar is what gives you or June even Jason the energy to walk about and make podcasts. It is a common misconception amongst screenwriters who can’t be bothered to research key plot devices that diabetes is basically an allergy to sugar. But I need energy to walk around and listen to podcasts too. Baby O is having what we diabetics call a hypo, which is a result of low blood sugar levels, this commonly comes about from taking insulin and not eating enough. The insulin breaks down the energy we do have to such a degree that I or indeed Baby O would basically be running on empty. What Baby O needs is a snickers bar or some such energy source. I know it’s a dumb assed Nic Cage movie so I won’t point out that Baby O would in the real world at best be lying on the floor convulsing his way to dead within a half of an hour of starting his hypo. But I think it should be pointed out that giving him a shot of insulin in that state would technically be murder. On the plus side that might have lead to Poe getting sent back to prison and given a decent starting point for Con Air 2.