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  1. Redofthewolves

    Delgo (2008)

    No, no, I refuse to accept this. We all agree HDTGM needs to do Delgo; I've seen everyone say as much. It needs to happen.
  2. Redofthewolves

    Grizzly Man

    I met Herzog when shooting a documentary about the Internet and internet addiction. I had watched Grizzly Man the week before, and has to ask about the final audio. You could not fake the disturbance on his face. It was real, and it was deeply disturbing.
  3. Redofthewolves

    Foodfight! (2012)

    I agree with everyone else. Delgo should be first, but this should swiftly reviewed after that. This movie is INSANE.
  4. Redofthewolves

    EPISODE 110.5 — Minisode 110.5

    To he fair, I couldn't tell if it was Greek or Italian, just like this movie could decide whether it wanted to use the Greek gods or the Roman versions.
  5. Redofthewolves

    Meet Dave

    I just remembered being baffled by the romance subplots. I couldn't tell what the director wanted me to feel.
  6. Redofthewolves

    EPISODE 110.5 — Minisode 110.5

    What really hit me about the movie was the one track of Italian music that played the whole time. Can't wait for the team to shit on that during the actual episode.
  7. Redofthewolves

    EPISODE 110 — The Island of Dr. Moreau

    I can't believe they didn't mention Val Kilmar's bicurious undertone with Thewlis, like in the rabbit scene in the beginning or when he gives him the flower.
  8. Redofthewolves

    Delgo (2008)

    It's a month later and I still can't stop thinking about how terrible the movie was. I can hardly remember the plot, but I do remember how insulted I was to make my eyes watch it. And how many damn celebrities they managed to pack into this horrible movie.
  9. Redofthewolves

    Delgo (2008)

    I rewatched this movie last night, and it was PAINFUL. The sidekick best friend spends half his time just making vague noises, when he's not being sterotypically black. It was an insult to watch the main love interests kiss at the end. And some of the logic in this movie made me want to just shut it off. This movie is Important.